Looking for a Big Baller

Nahlige Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
Mad about MPQ is looking for a player to fill our roster. What are we looking for?  Solid roster is a must with minimum 4-star preferably some 5* characters. We are a loose group but we need you to do more than the bare minimum. In other words, someone that is willing to put in the effort to improve their roster.

We are a T100 Crew, we don't have any PvP requirements. Many of us (maybe all of us) play PvP, but there's too many of us that don't want to be a Hybrid Alliance. Being T100 in both sides of the game is awesome, but it's a monster grind and commitment.

Recap: At least a 4-star player who'll commit to at least 120% in every PvE/Story event. That's it. No PvP. Just 120%, minimum, for PvE. If interested contact me, nahlige or JSP869