Receiving expired tokens for Unstable ISO-8 as a reward

mbarenmbaren Posts: 180 Tile Toppler
edited 3 July 2020, 11:53 in MPQ Bugs and Technical Issues
Hello -

The event is giving out, as one of the rewards for completing the first phase, expired tokens of Unstable ISO-8.  Given how these things usually work, I expect I'll receive them for the other parts of the event too.

Respectfully, devs, an issue involving expired tokens seems to arise every couple of months.  Something about the process of setting up events seems to be, if not precisely broken, then at least fairly easy to muck up, and you may want to take a look at what's causing that.

Also, it would be nice if you would pass out Defiant Killmonger tokens to those who should be acquiring them.  Thanks!


  • chris0001chris0001 Posts: 169 Tile Toppler
    I also received expired tokens for unstable iso-8 event. Hopefully they will give us the proper tokens before event is done!
  • argle_bargleargle_bargle Posts: 71 Match Maker
    It's worse than that. The tokens appear to be a double counting of your killmonger tokens! If they are spent as Unstable Iso-8 event tokens, it's unclear if you even get the chance to pull killmonger. (Though you do get the killmonger token shards, so maybe it's fine?)
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 4,777 Chairperson of the Boards
    I got the correct tokens.  I played in SCL10.

    I wonder where others played?  Maybe lower SCLs had the problem.
  • mbarenmbaren Posts: 180 Tile Toppler
    I'm also in SCL10.  I've been getting expired tokens.
  • LilithLilith Posts: 65 Match Maker
    So are we ever going to receive the proper tokens for this one, or is it just silence and wash the hands and hope that people are already too demoralized by the garbage already being slung at us to bother complaining any more?
  • LilithLilith Posts: 65 Match Maker
    Guess a full week of absolute radio silence is the answer to that one.  Good work Devs.
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