Rising Tensions Upgrade

Asylamb Posts: 168 Tile Toppler
All of us who can see a bigger picture know that with the release of Zendikar Rising (Autumn 2020), 4 sets will rotate out of Standard: GRN, RNA, WAR and M20. BUT, in PQ we all got used to Rising Tensions (which is by flavor a GRN-WAR event) as a regular farming event, so when the rotation comes and GRN/RNA become Legacy, how should we treat the event?
IMO, RT should become third in line for newest set boosters.
Trial of the Planes: high prices/high stakes - newest set booster (IKO atm)
Planechasing Fblthpe: easy but annoying sometines - second last booster (THB atm)
Rising Tensions: more effort than PF - third last booster (ELD atm)
Might also swap PF and RT in terms of boosters, making RT giving 2nd last and PF - 3rd last.
@Oktagon_Support how's the idea?


  • greenmeanie
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    Here's My guess why RT gets the 3 set. it's the oldest of the 3.  It should get the 2nd set.