Your Pull Results: Onslaught is in LLs!

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I think I did pretty darn good....  :)


  • Sithforever
    Sithforever Posts: 144 Tile Toppler
    7 5s is always nice. Video was solid for sure.
    I'm waiting for Yelena to go bye bye before pulling. Sitting on 8 LLS currently so should be at 20+ by the time I pull. Already champed IH, Yelena, and Apocalypse from last round of pulls. 
  • LFChikarason
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    33 pulls, three Yelenas (now 3/3/4), one Apocalypse (now 4/5/3) and one green Onslaught. I can't complain! 
  • TPF Alexis
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    I only had 9 pulls, but one green Onslaught and one purple Yelena was a great result from that!
  • Greenroom
    Greenroom Posts: 71 Match Maker
    I forget the release order, who's out next Apoc or Yelena?
  • Greenroom
    Greenroom Posts: 71 Match Maker
    and for the thread itself, 22 pulls today and 1 of each 5 including my first Onslaught
  • MrEd95
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    I had 30 tokens to use, of which I used 17. I got 2 Yelenas, 2 Apocs and 1 onslaught, with one of each of the Yelena and Apoc covers being colours I didn’t already have.

    overall, that works out at about just short of 30%, which is pretty good, and I also got an invisible woman cover which finished off enough shards to give me another cover for GEDoom
  • Sithforever
    Sithforever Posts: 144 Tile Toppler
    Greenroom Yelena leaves next 
  • Vhailorx
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    Greenroom said:
    I forget the release order, who's out next Apoc or Yelena?
    Yelena --> apoc --> onslaught
  • Pongie
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    edited June 2020
    Did 60 pulls from my token stash. Only got 6x 5*s = 10%
    3x Apocalypse
    3x Onslaught 
    Started with a lone cover for each. Will pull more from command points later when I get over the terrible odds...

    Was aiming to do another 128 pulls to get enough shards for targetted Kingpin so that he can finish with Miles champion rewards. A couple of bonus shards dropped and I only had to do 112 pulls to get there. 11x 5*s = just under 10%. Terrible odds continue... 
    4x Yelena (1/1/3)
    3x Apocalypse (3/2/2)
    4x Onslaught (1/2/5)

    Got enough sandman covers to champion Green Goblin as well. Need to decide who my next 5* target will be before I continue pulling. May have to set it to onslaught since his distribution is so poor. The other three 5*s that fall short from champion rewards aren't that enticing: Doc ock (2/2/3) +2 more available from carnage, Wasp (2/1/1) + 2 more available from antman, and Archangel (2/1/1) + 3 more available from nightcrawler. Could also set it to Sinister (5/3/3) or Havok (3/4/4), though both can probably wait for their feeders to be added to finish. 

    Overall 17/188 = 9%  :'(
  • Sithforever
    Sithforever Posts: 144 Tile Toppler
    Pongie - thank you for the breakdown. I'm waiting for Yelena to go away lol. Was tempted to pull but honest assessments like yours convince me to wait.
  • HoundofShadow
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    13 Pull: 1 Yelena  :s
  • JHawkInc
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    Going in, I had 3 Yelena, 2 Apocalypse, 1 Onslaught.

    Made something like 160 pulls.

    Yelena and Apocalypse are both at 12/13 covers (Apocalypse has two saved). Should get Yelena close with shards while she's still Latest, should be able to finish Apocalypse. Onslaught only has six covers or so, but with this setup, I can hold out until I get to Onslaught and two new 5's, and pull again from that store.

    Shards and champ rewards got me two Loki and a Kingpin as well, which helps chip away at the small handful of 5's I still haven't champed. Baby steps, but it's progress.
  • StevO-J
    StevO-J Posts: 738 Critical Contributor
    18 tokens opened to get one Onslaught cover, also the only 5* I got out of this. This is fine by me, since I care very little for 5*s, but this is the umpteenth time I got nowhere near the advertised 15%.
  • Ugh
    Ugh Posts: 82 Match Maker
    Hundreds of pulls and couldn't get a single hulk cover.  Onslaught goes in the tokens and I pull one on the very first draw.  The RNG in this game really is evil
  • Loosie
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    I got really lucky, has 7 pulls and got 3 5s. 2 for Onslaught (green and blue), and one yellow Apocalypse.
  • jordanix
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    edited June 2020
    30 pulls, 1 Onslaught, no other 5 pulls. Talk about trash luck.

    Update: pulled about 15 more and got four 5*'s out of it, two of which were Onslaught. So feeling a little less salty about it all.
  • Reecoh
    Reecoh Posts: 210 Tile Toppler
    74 pulls, 13 5-stars, more than average so happy about that.
    Apoc: 4/2/0 -> champed @ 454
    Yelena: 1/0/1 -> 4/3/5
    Onslaught: 3/1/1
    Going to start hoarding again and get the last Yelena from shards I think. Wouldn't mind more Apoc covers but I think waiting until Onslaught + Killmonger + ??? are available is the way to go here.
    Also got 3 bonus shard drops: 1@ 50 4-star & 2@ 50 5-star shards.
  • DeNappa
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    Tried to get a cover for Onslaught as I haven't rostered him yet. Unfortunately, after spending about all the pulls I had (~400cp, ~10 LL tokens), still 0 onslaught covers. The few Yelena/Apo covers I got didn't really excite me. Oh well, what can I say, the 5* game really sucks and the grind for pulls is eternal.
  • Michael1957
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    98 pulls , 3 covers , O Onslaught . Don’t anyone ever complain their luck is bad 
  • Ugh
    Ugh Posts: 82 Match Maker
    98 pulls , 3 covers , O Onslaught . Don’t anyone ever complain their luck is bad 
    Try around 300 pulls when IHulk was in there and coming up with a big fat 0