Battle trophies, fix it now!

shakashaka Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
I said it in another post, what is your logic regarding players increasing their level and improving their base?
i am now level 20 and as a reward i have lost 1000 trophies in a couple of days because lower players earn 100 trophies destroying my base. Then, i try to earn trophies back and level 19 and below give me 15 trophies or less? 
This is completely bull5h!t. The trophies should be linked to your base but the other way around. You mean that a player who enjoys building a base will be rewarded with less trophies? Then what is the point into playing? You are keeping people from upgrading the base as a way of “cheating” and increase their trophies by thousands, NOT FAIR...


  • NecroOrder66NecroOrder66 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    I stopped upgrading Hq lvl.   I’m in the sweet spot @lvl18 hq  I still get +75/100 targets.  I don’t see the point in upgrading the Hq until lvl 21+ Is released 
  • JCWestJCWest Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    D3 is, ultimately, wholly owned by Bandai. I am going to try and reach out to them, through their actual site. Hopefully, we can get an answer through them.

    Stagnant, and imposed complacency are getting to hard to digest.

    (Many good player's are gone. Many were great customers, and spenders. After looking through all the app rating systems offered through the app (IG, FB, TWTR, etc.), I am actually amazed that this has been allowed to continue for so long. Google will tale no responsibility; neither D3, or ECG. Simply put, IT'S SHADY.)

    I, also, wonder where that leaves us (real fans) with brand and marketing liscense. How does Bandai have any real ties to Hasbro? And, furthermore, what does that mean for the future of both? Both of which, have offered some great pieces in our pop-culture history? It's obvious something more is going on, here.

    Anyhow, the current situation is still suckin'!!!
    Let's hope, this next upgrade accomodates some real change, for all players.

    YO, JOE!!!
  • shakashaka Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    Well, i dunno what to say to your comment... i think these companies are so big that at the end, they will not care as long as it keeps selling and give them profits... about the next update/upgrade, i am not too excited because they are planning to introduce mistress armada... ****?! 
  • NecroOrder66NecroOrder66 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    I’ve reach out to Hasbro.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to care any more than D3 or Bandai.  I have come to the conclusion that sending tickets is pointless. Nothing. Not one single issue has been addressed yet new content has been released over and over again.  Which is broken too!!   I’ve stopped spending on the game.  The current Armada event is glitchy but the 2dozen cash packs seem to work fine right so it’s good to go.   The Battle Points is so busted I finished it in 16hrs 😂😂👊. 30 days worth please 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️   

    Game crashes.  Iron Grenaders lag  battle points don’t pay rewards it’s just not looking good 

    I’m saddened that Hasbro has allowed our favorite heroes to be exploited   Its customers lied to or ignored and our money just wasted   
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