Alliance ranking

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First of all i feel its wrong couse as we stand now alliance ranking doesnt reflect actual ranking of alliacnes couse right now all alliance ranking cares about is how active you were in the past 

As we stand now in alliance ranking alot of us have no general idea how alliance ranking even works. I personaly had the idea of working the way that it takes everyones trophies and it counts them together  and maybe then devides it by some random number so the number doesnt get too big and drive away new alliances. But that idea shattered with the update 1.2 when even tho everyonbe trophies got reset  alliance trophies stayed and keept on rasing up.   

I feel like any alliance should have a shot in getting into top 5 but since we keept the old trophies and it doesnt reflect on currect one personaly i think alliance ranking  right now is a joke.


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    Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to do an update for alliance soon. :) 
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    I think you need to fix all the bugs insted more updates, SHAME