Mistress Armada?

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Do any if you Devs know who plays your game? 90% of the players are Original Joe's... Not the 2000 New Age group... I hope this isn't your Big News? If so this is LAME.... Where are the Real Joe's and Cobra's???

Know Your Market


  • Footloose
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    I love new characters, but Mistress Armada is a BIG stretch as a new character release when there are so many other established characters that could have been used. The only people who know who she is read the Image comic book back in what, 2001-2002? Why not use any of the other well known characters (Firefly, any of the Dreadnoks, any of the numerous Vipers, Tomas/Xamot, )? There is an entire wishlist and Armada is not anywhere on that list.
  • DrJ_ECG
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    Thanks for the feedback. We have been working together to choose established units that fit role requirements moving forward.