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    We are looking at and making some adjustments and expansions for later game users. The level 20 cap, and trophy values from winning battles and defending your base won’t be the same forever. If your opponents have a habit of upgrading only the defense buildings or clumping them together, this will leave them exposed to units that can Deep Strike. Destroying a couple of neglected Power Generators can cripple a base defense. The Resource Depots also provide a significant source of AP that can be easily gained if the buildings are under-leveled. The extra health from investing in these buildings will ensure your opponent has to work harder to have enough AP to destroy your base. Remember as you complete your battles that your opponents are always attacking you! Upgrade your buildings and create a balanced, but vicious onslaught that keeps your opponents at bay, and continues to increase your own trophies via successful base defenses!
    We are reviewing the bonus trophy issue mentioned. I have not heard of any plans to change it soon but I know it's been discussed.