A favor for long time players

Demonicuss Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
I love this game, I try to play everyday on Steam. I have nearly 3,000 hours played with 185 characters.

So it's a bit disheartening to see I got a 10 cover reward, but 8 are 2 stars. I and others at our level don't need 1star and 2stars. It's a waste of time since I have 2mil iso.

So I propose people over the rank of say 90 or 95, the elimination of 1stars. The covers can be purchased for iso if we want, but the covers are no longer rewarded. And if possible, same with 2 stars.
I literally use 2 5stars, and a few 4stars in most matches, everything else just sits there. 5stars aren't all that usable at 1 cover, and 4 stars are not usable really till 4 or 5 covers. So many that I'd love to play with just sit there pointless.

Removing the low end drops means us getting more higher end drops. Higher end drops means we can start using the 100+ characters we have that don't get touched.

Thank you!


  • ObiWanPEZ
    ObiWanPEZ Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    You should expand your roster to include 2* characters, and farm them for 3* covers and other rewards.
    I usually max and sell at least one 2* cover a week (typically keeping a low-ranking Champ, if I have the roster space).
    Cycling through the 2* characters I use on DDQs also helps to keep things interesting, as I don’t usually have any maxed characters for more than a few days.