Difficulty levels for survival mode

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 Hello D3Go! I have noticed that the difficulty levels in survival mode has been getting more difficult every week. This week was the most difficult yet!! Normally, I can complete the first map but this week the first map had lvl 20 which is fine 'cause I am lvl 20 aswell but my actual team of characters, vehicles and weapons are all between 9-15. So ya, I literally got slaughtered by the "computer" in under a minute because their team was maxed out with lvl 20 on everything...to make it a bit more fair maybe make the maps gradually get more difficult as one progresses through survival mode. Just 'cause a player's level is 20 doesn't mean EVERYTHING they have is level 20. 


  • DrJ_ECG
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     We have been working on improving various aspects of the game from combat balance, base defense, and overall game performance. We hope with some of these changes that you are finding more appropriate opponents.