Warning When Using Facebook

djpt05djpt05 Posts: 178
So I have been playing daily for about 5 weeks using my android tablet and never linked to my facebook account.
Last week I downloaded the app for my android phone to try and see if I could link my account to both devices. I logged in using facebook and it started a brand new game on my phone.

I realized the screen was too small relative to my tablet (along with power consumption) so I decided to uninstall the app on my phone.

I wanted to get in on the MPQ Facebook group so I could actually share my rewards with other active players. I logged into facebook on my tablet game which then asked me if I wanted to load the game and that only one game could be loaded at a time. I thought hey why not?

I didn't realize (and it wasn't made clear) that this would eliminate the 5+ weeks of work on my tablet and now cause me to use the brand new game i accidentally made via facebook on my phone.

Is there anyway to switch back to my original game or am I just out of luck?


  • NemekNemek Posts: 1,511
    I'd try your luck at putting in a request with CS through the game feedback form. Make sure to mention your previous PvP name.
  • djpt05djpt05 Posts: 178
    Thanks I sent a message to them yesterday and didn't get a response. I'll try again with my PVP name. I also was just trying to warn other people to not make the same mistake I did
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