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Crowfall is an upcoming indie PvP MMORPG being created by J Todd Coleman (Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101) and Gordon Walton (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Sims Online).

What's different in Crowfall:

  • Free city building: every player can build their own city in the Eternal Kingdoms
  • The focus on strategy elements: caravans, territory conquest, crafting, fortifications, politics
  • Unique and temporary worlds: procedurally generated maps that "end" when victory conditions are met
  • Different ways to win: through Glory (quests from the gods), Power (PvP and sieging), and Wealth (crafting and building)
  • Seasons and day / night cycle: every world is dynamic and shows the passage of time
The game will enter its Beta phase this year, and anybody who registers a free account can participate to it.

Here's a video showing the game:

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