CotT: Gwen Poole vs Moon Knight

Chekov's gun vs lunacy. The gun 1 shot him. Just collected green and the crazed knight didn't even want them ;D. Good knight Moon boy.


  • PuceMoose
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    It was surprisingly close for my Champed Gwen - the first few rounds worked like this.

    My first turn: I do my best to deny black and green. MK's first turn: matches three black.
    My second turn: I do my best to deny black and green. MK's second turn: matches three black.
    My third turn: I do my best to deny black and green. MK's third turn: matches three black.
    My fourth turn: Winces, anticipating the hit. MK's fourth turn: PUNCH

    After that it was a race for green. I barely managed to out-match him for green. I think when I finally had enough green for Chekov's gun I was under 1k HP and he had 11 green. It was the closest crash I've ever had that only lasted about seven turns!
  • qandols
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    Gwen wants purple, Gwen gets it. Sploit' that oh my knight. Gwen wants her gun, Gwen gets it. Gwen wants some green, Gwen gets it. Goodknight, sweet prince.
  • DAZ0273
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    Race for green was won by the girl with the motorbike and then bang bang, good knight!
  • TPF Alexis
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    This is a pretty straightforward Crash. The one thing that can change things up, especially if you're at a level where it's close, is which Lunacy MK gets. That can sometimes shift the priorities on which colours to deny.