Game needs an overhaul - listen to the players

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This game needs a serious overhaul. Every update makes the game more unplayable and less enjoyable. Long time players are quitting left and right. Time to take action D3. 

Here are some of my suggestions:
1. Trophies should be based on player level, not base level. Higher the player, the higher the trophies. As it stands right now, you have the opposite which punished players who have invested time and money into the game to upgrade their units, defenses, and bases. Someone who is a level 18 player but has a level 10 base and has not invested the time/$/effort should not be getting 100 trophy wins because they never updated their base. 

2. Survival/Special Operations Events should give the player enough coins to open a box at the lowest level, especially when you base the play on cards that some people have not been able to unlock in the event. My suggestion, base either tier 1 or tier 2 levels on player levels. Event should reset every 12 hours. My suggestion is to stick to two tiers. Bottom tier is levels 1-15, top can be played by levels 15-20

3. Speaking of events, the buyout box should have an option to “buy” the box you want. Make it so you have to save event coins. For example, you REALLY want that new character, it will cost you 3000 event coins. That way everyone has a chance to get the card if they really want it. They have to play for it. Also eliminate the junk items that nobody wants/needs. If you keep the current system, fix the algorithm. this is the third event in a row that I have opened up all the boxes on one side and do not get the new card until the last day. 

4. Reward certain levels achieved in the events. You open up 50% of the buyout boxes, you get 50% of the bonus reward.  

5. Make a Sea Commander or open up a new spot for another air/water vehicle on Sea Battles. 

6. COBRA is far superior to Joes on almost every level. Need to plus the Joes up badly. 

7. Alliances need more than bragging rights for their level and the ability to donate cards. We need Alliance battles, one on one point tournaments, and better prizes. Unlock the Legacy cards. There is SO MUCH that could be done with Alliances. 

8. Building upgrade times either need to be cut by 50% or have the ability to upgrade 2 items at once. 

9. HQ/Lair defense on upper levels is FAR too high, especially for Joes attacking COBRA. 

10. Reduce the cargo box opening time and battle cargo time by 50%. This gives players more chances to play. 

11. Stop changing character/vehicle abilities and levels week after week. 

12. Allow players to buy specific character upgrades with resources (diamonds/gold)

13. Listen to the players!


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    Thank you for the feedback! In regards to Alliances, we have plans to continue building out our alliance feature so it will definitely be changing. We are planning on rolling out our Alliance Wars feature sometime this year.