Those with Immortal Hulk

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For those of you with Immortal Hulk, whats your thoughts after using him for a while ?

Has he worked out well in PVP ?

Do you use him often in PVE or just depending on the situation like tough SCL 9 or 10 nodes ?

I wanted to get Hulk, I don't have any of the true meta 5s for PVP and thought he'd be decent. For PVE I thought wasn't sure how often I'd end up using him. Between team damage and his colors aren't necessarily a perfect fit with some of my 5s. Was curious if those who have him are using him a lot of just situationally. 


  • Pongie
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    Pvp climb with okyoke is quick but health pack drain is just as fast. Probably not sustainable as kitty & brb or Thor & okyoke.

    For PvE, I’m finding the pairing with okyoke to have definitely speed up the clears. Especially if compared to the slow kitty & brb. Same thing with pvp though, the drain on health packs is real. Okyoke last a bit longer than whoever is the third. When boosted, like this event, it’s even harder for okyoke to keep up since immortal hulk will tank team up. 
  • tonypq
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    I don't have a covered Okoye unfortunately, so that limits my fun with that combo. The 5s I could pair Hulk with are Beta, Prof, Hela, Doom, Captain Marvel, Thanos, and likely Apocalypse and or Yelena as once I open my atash I'm pretty confident I'll have enough pulls to cover both of them. 

    My Okoye, Kitty, and Thor are at 4 covers each and of course need quite a bit of work before they will be any use for me. The civers are spread out pretty good too, so don't have 3 orn4 covers in their most helpful ability either. 

    I'm a Hulk fan and wanted this character, but was worried I might not use him much. If I don't PVP much where I felt like he'd most used, wasn't sure if I'd use him enough in PVE to go after him. I might not use Yelena much either, but my stash has been burning a hole in my pocket. 

    Was trying to decide how much use I'd get out of Hulk to open my stash now. Or wait for Onslaught, or even longer for Yelena to leave and see who would end up with Apocalypse/Onslaught then. Apocalypse is the one I'd use the most in this trio as his colors and actives complete the rainbow with Beta/Prof who I use as my go to 5s. 
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    yeah apoc yellow will be like a mini okoye :) so it will be a good adition to you roster, plus beta :D
  • froggerjohn
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    iHulk is really great with Okoye. I use them in both PvE and PvP, and with iHulk unchamped and below her level, Okoye tanks almost everything, and there's no health pack drain.

    But since the OP doesn't have a usable Okoye, he's probably less than spectacular otherwise.

    The only other usage case that comes to mind, is ramping up his black with an airborne partner like Vulture, who's immune to the self-damage. That's a pretty niche case though, and maybe not as valuable waiting to pull a later set.

  • Daredevil217
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    For me, I mostly use him on fun teams with true healers (Daredevil, Phoenix, Okoye, Doom). Rotating through those four can mitigate the healthpack use. Okoye/Hulk is clearly the new meta for clearing fast while also being scary enough on defense to make people think twice. It’s probably the weakest in terms of sustainability though due to Okoye having the worst healing ability of the four without her yellow battery. 

    Daredevil/Jean are better at keeping alive since they tank two colors and have healing that is passive. 

    Doom is a notch below I’d say because I want to chase black for that awesome nuke, but Hulk tanks it and ends up hurting his teammates. 

    Vulture is an amazing partner for PVP offense (though you’ll be a target on defense) as well as PVE challenge nodes. Given enough time they can winfinite anything.  But know that you’ll be killing your third partner... a lot. 

    I wouldn’t mind trying Hulk/Apocalypse. I haven’t because of the red overlap. But Apoc adding 8K damage to the passive AOE every turn sounds brutal. He’ll also tank most colors, keeping Hulk in back. And using Apoc’s red over Hulk’s means Hulk won’t be doing self damage and should only really take damage when green door makes green matches. Worth trying out. 
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    WHen are we losing iHulk out of latest? I assume his current feature probably means he's on his way out, they seem to get featured right as they drop out of Latest, and it seems to me unlikely he'll get one more before he does.