Issues after returning (overleveled 5* Gambit)

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So I came back after a couple years of absence.
My Shield level is 101, days played is like 600.

My highest is 413 5* 3/5/4 Gambit and 360 5/2/0 Daredevil

Apart from those I have like 20 5*'s with only a few covers and at base level. Definitely nothing to talk about.
My 4's - I am missing like 27 4*'s. And only have like 30 champed (highest at 285...)

I am able to get t25 in PvE (SCL7 - will try SCL8 next event)
Used no shields and got ~870 points and t10 in PvP (SCL7 - trying SCL8 this current one)

However I read about stuff and it seems that I am having issues in PvP because of my Gambit - should I maybe sell him? I would rather avoid that since he is useful in PvE and I am using him in PvP as well - however if this is the only way to start getting more reasonable matchups, I'm all for it. I constantly get matched up with people using champed 5*'s (well usually just 1 and some kind of sick max champ 4* ;) )

My personal favourite is getting munched by a 151k HP Apocalypse paired with 447 Wiccan and 454 GladThor. So much fun!

I can also lower my expectations and for the time being just aim at getting full progression and what I can get from placement in PvE and only care about getting the 900 point reward in PvP... will that be getting me somewhere in a few months?


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    You have 2 options, first is to sell him which is painful and kinda short-termist. The question is how quickly are you accumulating CP/LTs - they are the only other answer to this problem. If you have/can generate enough to pull a decent amount of Latest Legends then you can get stronger characters. 

    Apocalypse in particular is a good one to have if you can pull before he leaves. Whatever you do, there is no benefit to pulling in Classic tokens unless you sell Gambit. They are fine for filling out 4s but no good for targeting specific 5s due to dilution.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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