Issues after returning (overleveled 5* Gambit)

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So I came back after a couple years of absence.
My Shield level is 101, days played is like 600.

My highest is 413 5* 3/5/4 Gambit and 360 5/2/0 Daredevil

Apart from those I have like 20 5*'s with only a few covers and at base level. Definitely nothing to talk about.
My 4's - I am missing like 27 4*'s. And only have like 30 champed (highest at 285...)

I am able to get t25 in PvE (SCL7 - will try SCL8 next event)
Used no shields and got ~870 points and t10 in PvP (SCL7 - trying SCL8 this current one)

However I read about stuff and it seems that I am having issues in PvP because of my Gambit - should I maybe sell him? I would rather avoid that since he is useful in PvE and I am using him in PvP as well - however if this is the only way to start getting more reasonable matchups, I'm all for it. I constantly get matched up with people using champed 5*'s (well usually just 1 and some kind of sick max champ 4* ;) )

My personal favourite is getting munched by a 151k HP Apocalypse paired with 447 Wiccan and 454 GladThor. So much fun!

I can also lower my expectations and for the time being just aim at getting full progression and what I can get from placement in PvE and only care about getting the 900 point reward in PvP... will that be getting me somewhere in a few months?


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    You have 2 options, first is to sell him which is painful and kinda short-termist. The question is how quickly are you accumulating CP/LTs - they are the only other answer to this problem. If you have/can generate enough to pull a decent amount of Latest Legends then you can get stronger characters. 

    Apocalypse in particular is a good one to have if you can pull before he leaves. Whatever you do, there is no benefit to pulling in Classic tokens unless you sell Gambit. They are fine for filling out 4s but no good for targeting specific 5s due to dilution.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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    Additionally, you can finish that Gambit much more easily now by setting him, Rogue, and 3* Gambit to be your shard targets as you pull for Latest. That might help you out some; or it may not depending on the state of single 5* matchmaking these days.
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    My MMR creeps into single 5* match making even though I haven't champed any of my fully covered 5* yet and I think I would attack a 413 Gambit and probably beat it with a BRB/Gritty team. For actual 1 5* champed players, I suspect they would bring the pain, especially if they have newer power creeped 5* as their champ,
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    like @ThaRoadWarrior is saying: Additionally, you can finish that Gambit much more easily now by setting him, Rogue, and 3* Gambit to be your shard targets as you pull for Latest.

    I am a single 5* champ player too. Kitty lvl 451 with 4* champs, like R4G and 4*Juggs as favorite team.  The shards on Kitty and R4G, R3G indirect feeder and pulling all LT and cp at once gave Me my single 5* champ. My best top 2-7 of 5* are lvl 336-300. All other 5* at lvl 271 or below.

    Don’t sell anything is my advice. A championed 4* team can be much more dangerous then depending on a 5* team at single 5* champ level.
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    Yeah, but let's not compare Gambit to Kitty please =] like a 2 and a 10
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    I see rosters like this all the time (I'm a notorious snoop in-game) where someone will have less than half the 4-stars champed and none above lvl 300. But then they have a handful of low-tier 5-stars with a smattering of covers and they've leveled them as far as they're able - usually 300+ (or maybe they even have one low-tier 5-star champed).

    This absolutely ruins their PvP MMR (irreparable short of selling) and causes them to reach beyond their SCL means in PvE (reparable by choosing a lower SCL, but they can't help themselves and want to play with 'the big boys').

    Patience is so hard in this game, because meaningful progress becomes so slow once you hit the 4-star tier.

    Here's a PSA for anyone about to make the mistake talked about above: keep your partial 5-stars leveled below your best 4-stars and force yourself to gain the stamina to hoard LTs and CPs. You can cash everything else in (heroics, mightys, etc) but save those LTs and CPs like your life depends on it. If you ever want to enter the 5-star tier, hoarding for a massive pull in Latest Legends is the best way to do it. It will give you three 5-stars to begin your transition and will make your new life as a 5-star player so much easier.

    There are players who can champ all the latest 5-stars with the pull-as-you-go method, but they are playing at a high PvE SCL and get max CP/cover rewards out of PvP. I guarantee you most of them started their 5-star transition with a hoard.
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    I agree with Dormammu’s advice about keeping the 5* below the top 4* level, and fleshing out the 4*s. 

    However, while his method of transitioning into 5* land is fine in itself, it is not the only way, and there is a pull as you go method without hoarding and active pvp and pve play (scl7 and scl8, but for ranking in my case). So I give my way as an alternative, though it requires active play and some patience.

    My highest 4* is lvl 323, I only need to champ 10 more, I am on day 783, I champ each tier completely before moving on to the next one. I earn extra 4* covers and shards by playing for t10 ranking in scl7 and scl8. Pvp I play for 40-50 wins (not points). I have bought an occasional pack, but some of my alliance mates are on a similar track without, so that is optional.

    What I do, I save just enough cp for pulling one cover of a new 5* for pve, then spend the rest of my cp in classics (25% more 4* chars and shards, and the occasional 5* is a bonus) and pull latest from tokens as I get them. No hoarding, unless I have to get that one 5* cover.

    Because of not hoarding, I get way more shards and 4* covers normally in a week, that give me a steady stream of resources like iso, cp, hp and 5* covers or shards, and 25% more shards/covers because I draw classics. I usually get a new 5* to about 7 covers that way on average (outliers 2 covers to 11 covers) before it leaves latest. The ones that are at least on 9 or 10, I shard to 12 if I like them, and usually I pull another cover. Sometimes I pull 1 to 5 x 20 shards from the hp store, depending on how much spare hp I have to make it go faster. 

    By this method I have now on 13 covers the following 5* ready to champ (but still on 320 because of mmr): Professor X, Iceman, Okoye, Kitty, Beta Ray Bill and Doctor Strange. I have on 12 covers: Ihulk, Storm and GED. Currently sharding my 11 cover Carnage to 12. Once I go to 5* land, I will at least have a nice selection, including some that will work well with my champed 4*, and I can avoid the trap of having 3 champed 5* that you might tire of of playing in pvp, because there is nothing else you can use. Which is one reason I am not keen on using Dornammu’s method, though that one is, to be fair, faster and will work better for some players.

    The only thing I am still unsure of, is how high to raise my 5* once I have champed all 4*. 320 is too low for effective 5* play. I might try between 330 to 375, to not ruin my pvp. Eventually I will start champing, but not sure when...
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    One of the reasons I switched slices.  :D
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    I have levelled Gambit to 435 and paired him with Chavez for the last 3 months. It's decent, though I am a walking grill and am stomped mercilessly when shield hopping. Still I am capable of getting to ~1500 with some luck and a few shield hops.
    I got Apocalypse to 11.5 covers (2/4/5) and am sharding him right now to get last red. He works absolutely fantastic with Polaris and so I levelled him up to 360 - he is even better for hopping then Gambit for all the more mature grills (like 60-70k HP Okoye + 30k Chavez and such - lower stuff Gambit/Chavez seems a bit faster). Furthermore Polaris means that due to the cheap stun I have additional control and some damage/bad luck prevention.
    I do not care at all for Daken or Heimdall so this will be some hoarding time at least before they leave - the "go with the 4*'s and classics" method sounds interesting but I would think this requires a fair amount of luck + is fairly slower then the "hoard" strategy. Which day played are you @itsuka7 exactly to get such results?
    Not one 4* I have, boosted or not, can even compare to the L360 11 (soon 12) cover Apo - and with him having such a huge health pool, I get more out of each healthpack (or will once I level him up to his max - currently dreading this a bit, since right now my MMR is managable and I would not want to spoil this - I could probably fix it by selling off Gambit, but even though he is a joke of a 5*, I'd still would like to avoid this action)
    All in all - it's going pretty nicely even with my botched L435 Gambit, L360 DD and now L360 Apoc.