Rework the buyout box bonus for event exclusives

Raithnor Posts: 38 Just Dropped In

Current system is buyout 40-41 boxes get a bonus number of the event unit. Cool.

Here's the problem: In events with new event exclusive units like the Iron Grenadiers you algorithm that determines "random" boxes is relative ****. I am have opened 20+ boxes and have not received Iron Grenadiers. I've received Destro and Titanium Cargos which are supposed to be rarer.

Here's my suggestion: Split the Bonus in half and award half the units at or about 20 Boxes. Then we can actually play the survival mode as it was intended instead of having to slog through the regular route.  With the new HQ balance it's really painful to do so as the Boosted units actually make 3 stars possible.


  • Raithnor
    Raithnor Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Update: 33 and it was the last box I had coins for.

    You'd think it was rarer that Storm Shadow.
  • shaka
    shaka Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    The algorithm is bull$hit, in the Storm Shadow event, i opened 37 boxes and no storm shadow... of course at the end i opened the remaining boxes but is an example that sometimes (many times) you will not get the featured units. They really need to fix this...
  • Footloose
    Footloose Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
    I feel that the “buyout” boxes should be just that. You buy what you want/need. Not random. Earn event coins and buy which box you want. Make the character cards cost more coins than more common items. I would have the following items available: character cards, diamonds, cargo crates (including platinum), and Training Manuals. Ditch the rest.