Q&A w/Emerald City Games - May 2020 Edition (6/1/20)

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Hi Everyone –

Thank you for submitting your questions this past month via the available Google Form to share with the development team. We are a couple of days later than we wanted to share these back but please keep the questions coming via the Google Form!

We thank the team over at Emerald City Games (ECG) for putting together these responses.

ECG Q&A Session – May 2020

Will there be an option to share replays of attacks?      

Yes, this is a feature that we have identified as a special request from players and we will be including in a future update!

Will there be a general chat for all players and/or other teams?             

We are looking at various ways to improve chat.  Please continue to share with us what you are interested in most so we can include this feedback in the plans.

Will we ever see Alliance Wars or something like it in the game?            

We would tell you but Cobra Commander told us not to...

Are there plans to open more HQ levels (Past Level 20)?             

We will be expanding our tiers and player/HQ levels sometime in the future.  Once we have a timeline and more details, stay tuned to the forums for more info.

Are there plans to make more things available to buy in the Alliance Store?  

We have plans to continue building out our Alliance feature so it will be expanding over time.

Any tips to help my Joe Squad improve in battle?

Players that allow their Joe units to cooperate and work together have the most success in battle.  Whereas for Cobra, players may rely a little more on individual power.  We have also noticed that teamwork tends to hold more truth the higher you level up as things synergize even more on the Joe squad.  Please share in the comments if you have found other great ways to help both your Joe or Cobra squad as it's great to help each other!