7000+ player (after the update) looking for a new alliance, mine is void of leadership

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Looking for a new alliance to hang my helmet... might have two other 7000 players join me
I wanna do this before the next event in case there is a Booster Allies Challenge.

Why do I want to leave my current squad?
The Alliance I'm in, our leader who was handed the leadership and is not even an officer has not logged on for 15 days. We have 21, yes twenty-one, players who have not played in over 15 days the longest at 70 days. No way to kick them and no way to kick or demote our leader.

What do I want in an alliance?
An established alliance that communicates and works together and a leader who is tier LT. COL and who will kick players who clearly are not playing and have not communicated their planned absence. It would also be nice to have 50% of the alliance at tier 7000+. Bonus: any tips and tactics from the veteran players to help improve my gameplay is welcome.

Handle: BaZooKa Joe
Current Alliance: Skystriker Squadron (might get kicked for this post, wait, leader MIA)
Rank: Officer
Friends: 100 (10 Battle Cargo)

Tier Joe:     LT. Col    7500 approx   #1 in Joe side for alliance
Tier Cobra: LT. COL    7300 approx   #1 in Cobra side for alliance

Joe Buildings: Most turrets and Powerplants are level 15. Working on anti-air.
Squad Levels: Epic Level 4 or 5, Rare 6, Common 9-10

Events: I usually complete 5 of 6 for both Cobra and Joe only limited in the Challenge Battles and Research/Development.
Play Style Frequency: Active Daily. F2P.  I'm competitive, but I'm a saver not a spender. I enjoy the game and have no intention on shelling out money to advance.
Social: Alliance chat, interested in using discord

Gonna let this sit a few days, look before you leap. I will get back to you. Parachute is prepped and I'm ready to jump.


  • Storm_Order66
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    If your still looking a Alliance... Check us out at ORDER 66... Very active Alliance, we play both sides and are Aggressive. Discord is used and recommended
  • Vofer
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    Try the Black Squad, good comunication and participation in events