Help a old player who come back!

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Hi, (sry for my english) im here for a "problem"... and i hope u can solve it.

Im a old MPQ player, who come back some months ago... but just for play Deadpool Daily Mission and just for do 1 PvP/PvE match for take a "free" reward.
And now i want back to play seriously! But there are some problem...

1) I've notice i play only some heros. And when they die... i dont know how to play the rest of my roster because i never use it (or i play few games), or because i dont know how the make a good team set-up (and varied)... or because they're low level.
(generally i use: Rogue, X-23, Captain Marvel (4*), Deadpool (4*), Carnage, IM40, Kamala, Dr.Strange)

That's my roster (i havent put heroes 2-3*,  because i have all, and they're all champion):

Can u help me to form some various teams (both PvP and PvE) with my roster? (even mixed 2-3-4* its ok :P)

In PvE i play: (vs mob) Dr.Strange - Thanos - Deadpool (all 3*)... i dont care if they lose a lot of healt... because, as i told u, currently i play 1-2 game per day,  or Carnage  & Dr. Octopus vs "active mob" (enemy who can move gem for make dmg)
In PvP i use R&G &  Gamora for fast finish, but same as PvE... i dont care if they die or win but heavly injuried...

For example, today in "Welcome to the SHIELD - Day Three: A Test of Skill (all enemy lvl 575, The Thing have 177k Hp... other 2 have 139k)" i win with: Hellcat (lvl 530,  heroe from game), Old Logan (lvl 270,1 cover), and my "joker" Professor X (4*, lvl 229)...  
I had time for use 1 time yellow and red skill of Hellcat... and enemy blow up both logan and hellcat... but fortunally i have 7 purple gem for active invisibility... from that moment, they cant touch me, and with 2  atk tiles (improved by both hellcat and professor X) i have 2 atk tiles of 8k atk each. 15k dmg each turn.... easy!!! (after the last enemy don destroy last atk tile.... he remain with like 29k Hp. I've spend 30min for kill him with atk of 30 - 240 dmg.... rly rly painful (for me!!!)...  Before use, and win, with professor X, i've lost a lot of battle with other heroes (more powerfull).

2) For back to play and be competitive (top100), from what u suggest to start? PvP or PvE?  for PvP I like the reward system ... with 40 win for 4*  instead of only pts (for me, reach more than 700 pts its impossible). 
What lvl choose (both, PvE/PvP)? generally i pick lvl 9... only for have better reward... but obviously its rly hard.

For now, i have only this 2 point to solve... i hope u can help me!



  • Jacklag
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    I have almost nothing to add. Juggernaut+4*Grocket+Any * Gamora (4* is the best, but 3* is good as well) is currently my go to team in both PvE and PvP. Juggernaut tanks most colors and takes very little damage, so the team is both fast and durable. In PvP most player will avoid attacking you (myself included), since beating up Juggernaut takes too long and your team would take too much damage, so you can mostly float between 50~100 unshielded (I myself like to finish in the top 50, so I do shield near the end).

    I see from your roster that you already have *4 Gamora championed and a viable 4* Grocket, you you are half way there. Start by making 3* Magneto and 4* Juggernaut your shard bonuses.