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These are some suggestions for your consideration.

Survival Event

Ensure that network connection problem does not affect the lives or attempts as it is not something controllable by players.

In addition to increasing the number of battle cargo, let it also reduces cargo opening time.

1. Introduce alliance mission or task that runs alongside weekly event. Say cumulative damage inflicted by all alliance members, trophy collected etc. Use the milestone system to record and reward all contributing members with silver event coins at each achieved milestone.
2. Introduce alliance event like "Alliance VS" (alliance leader may choose other alliance they want to battle) or "Alliance War" (have alliance members participate in battles against predetermined opponents (like survival event only on bigger scale) where members must cooperate to win. Reward members based on ranking system.

Introduce shield system that protects a player for around 12-24 hours after they were successfully attacked by another player to allow the "victim" to recover and replenish their resources and avoid being attacked multiple times by different players in a short time.

Event tasks
Introduce new tasks to replace ones like R&D which are close to impossible to be completed by long-time players. Examples battle trophy collected, minerals/oils looted in pvp or troop deployments.

Upgrading building time need to be revised. Either add one more builder or significantly reduce time.

Monthly Cargo Rewards in Missions
Please change it to like weekly as the missions can be completed and cargos can be obtained in just several days, making it rather boring to wait for it to reset.

This is all I could think of at this moment. If I have some more ideas, I will post (provided the devs welcome this suggestions, of course 😬).