Roster help - Should i roster 2 more 5stars? (Long post)

IGN: Salteeey
My roster:

Context: starting the transition to 4 star land, but a long way to go still. 

So i may have gotten a little impatient and grabbed some classic legends in the hope of  adding a few more 4stars, and managed to open two 5star covers in a row. So the question i am posing is whether its worth it right now to cover them, or if i should just continue amassing 4stars for the time being and scrap the 5stars.

Covers i opened:
Red - Hawkeye Clint Barton (5star)
Yellow - Green Goblin Norman Osborn (5star)
Black - Sabretooth (4stars)

I mostly play pve at level 7, aiming for the 4star cover in progression but recently started doing some pvp for some shards when possible.  Usually just two or three bouts at the end to jump as high as possible in the final moments. 

I have a few maxed 2stars i am ready to sell anyway, so if i need to roster all 3, thats not a problem. But is that a good idea at this point?

I remember something from when i started playing saying that pvp opponents are determined by the level of my top toons, so i am worried that adding two more lv255 will make my attempts to get some last minute pvp rewards much much harder. 

Sorry for the long post, but any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 


  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,234 Chairperson of the Boards
    There is some debate as to whether single covered 5* influence MMR so it might not have any effect at all. If it does, what you would be doing is saying to the AI that you have the equivalent to near max champed 3* roster judging by your 3 highest level characters - the AI will then assume that it can match in a radius that includes baby champed 4* and high level 3* rather than the mid level 3* tier you are actually in.

    I am not saying this will definitely happen but it is a possibility with having 3 of them rostered and quite a way ahead of your 3*.

    Both are Classic 5* so will be nigh on impossible to cover but they do of course open up the 5* Essential in PvE which makes them worth having just to clear those nodes for extra rewards/points.

    Your roster will naturally catch up as you play and so the MMR change if it happens will be a temporary thing in terms of you possibly being out of your depth, in such case then it might be worth just trying it and if it is a real problem consider selling them if it ruins your game.
  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 812 Critical Contributor
    This has been a contentious subject ever since 5*s were introduced. The developers have changed how 5*s determine MMR a few times. 

    I believe the latest accepted theory is that level 255 5*s shouldn't be taken into account by the game when determining MMR, irrespective of how many covers they have. So, as long as you don't level any of them, the MMR shouldn't change.

    If they do change your MMR, hopefully your boosted 2*s and 3*s could be able to provide the fire power to beat the teams you are matched with. It might require using one of the 5*s to tank the damage and it would limit the number of teams you could field, but in general, teams lower than level 300 are beatable by boosted 3*s.
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