HxB Event Info

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Until the official thread is up, please feel free to refer to the unofficial MtGPQ wiki for information on this weekend’s HxB event: https://wiki.mtgpq.info/wiki/Hunter_X_Bonder

Objectives, etc have been updated. 


  • Draconis
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    While it is nice to see new events and new challenges, the mana bug and other glitches in gameplay are absolutely unacceptable. I lost my perfect score due to the mana cascades being given to the AI instead of my cards. We are all dealing with this and I urge everyone to voice their dissatisfaction with a game that allows bugs to persist for weeks on end as we spend money for the games without compensation. I am not usually this irritated nor publicly vocal but enough is enough. You have an issue you know it, the tickets must be pouring in. Fix it already and it would be great to see some apology WITH the fix.