Archgoose Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
Let me start by saying that I really actually do like this game, I've been playing it for a long time, am currently Platinum (this is actually my second playthrough as my old device got wiped so I needed to start again from scratch, which was too bad because there are some juicy cards I would love to get back from my old decks).  I don't find the grind all that bothersome and that you can use dupes to craft guaranteed mythics I think is actually more than fair for free to play grinders like myself.  I use this game at work as a distraction because I can leave it idle and just take a turn when I have a moment.  One positive suggestion I would like to make is we've got a LOT of different collections and cards now.  Maybe it's time to nudge the deck size up to twelve? ;)

Now, that being said, here's my critical part.  As much as I love this game, it really tries hard to get you to hate it.  Some examples:

- Lower the number of cascades across the board.  I'm fine getting fewer if it means Greg gets fewer too, because they are super random and completely ruins the game.  I even hate it when I get them because I'm like, "I mean, sure, but I was already winning this." and I think that's why people think Greg gets cascades more often, because when you get them you're like, "eh, cool" but when Greg gets them you're like, "Well I guess it's just my turn to lose then."  Which brings me to my next point:

- "I guess it's just my turn to lose".  I've coined this statements because it happens more commonly than I think it should for such a casual game as this.  When I have a deck that I have literally not lost one battle with all week, then in one game Greg plays two creatures that combine to 24/24.  I'm like, "It's fine I have kill cards for that".  Over three turns I draw 11 cards with a 30% chance to draw a kill card that will keep me from losing and I don't pull even one of them.  We did the math and there is a ~2% chance of that happening.  That is a game where no matter what I did I was not going to win that match, and that really aggravates me, especially when standings are on the line.  I'm fine with losing if I feel like I had a chance to win and merely misplayed but when I lose just because the game decides I lose that really irks me.

- Matchmaking please. If I'm playing a Planeswalker in their teens why am I fighting Planeswalkers in their 30's?  I know the answer is because they want to encourage you to level to 60 as fast as possible but that's just bad form.  Can we please get some decent matchmaking algorithms?

- Event Times.  Can we please get some events that sync well with North American time zones?  I hate having to get/be up at 2am if I want to get in all my final rounds for an event.

- Buggy cards and UI. Please fix the bug where clipping Greg's Infinity Gem in a cascade gives him my hard earned random mana.  Please add some ability for us to soft reset the game so we have an option other than taking a loss (that we were otherwise totally winning) whenever the game gets hung up on a bug (I literally have a gallery of examples of this on my phone).  Whatever that loop buster thing even is literally doesn't do anything.  Please fix Lavinia so I can actually collect mana when against her.  If there's a known problem with a card just deactivate the card until it can be fixed/patched, and I would even say to go so far as disqualify anyone in an event that uses a known broken card.

- Some Planeswalkers need a definite tuning.  Some Planeswalkers are definitely way overtuned and need some serious balancing.  Looking at you Nicol and Garruk with your being able to just kill a creature pretty much for free.