New Event is messed up.....BAD

Footloose Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
Logged on to start the event tonight and noticed that both sides of the event already showed me completing tasks. No coin rewards, just event tasks being complete. Tried resetting the game, nothing works. I saved up cargo boxes for the gather the Troops task and get no rewards. Shows both Joe and COBRA side having Campaign Battles complete with no chance to earn coins. Why is it that every few events see MAJOR issues with game play?!?


  • Footloose
    Footloose Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
    Featured Unit Damage on the Joe side is also doing the same. In other words, half the tasks on the Joe side can get me ZERO coins and 1/3 on the COBRA side. 
  • Footloose
    Footloose Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
    Now the game has been reset to fix their issue and wiped out all the coins I had from the Survival Event. What a joke.
  • Shockwave
    Shockwave Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Did same for me but I had 5 upgrades for cobra and 2 for Joe.  Both wiped out.  And bought a event box with the credits from those everything reset and now have to pay the 100 gems for survival.
  • Aspykeith
    Aspykeith Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    Footloose, I cleared my research and development both sides. From the reset. I LOST all the silver from that. They could at least the guys levels back to the original level