Buff the Snake

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Seriously, it does nothing well at this point.

It has a lot of Armor, but will get killed by an anti-tank cannon in 1-2 hits.

It has absurdly short range so it won't actually kill anything before it dies.

The Havoc has a slightly longer range and also can transport Heroes. It makes a better impact on the battlefield even though it carries less armor.

It cost as much as the Whale to deploy. While the Whale is a legendary, it combines the Mobat, Megalodon, and Eaglehawk. You deploy the Whale something will go boom.  You deploy the Snake, it dies and you waste 8 energy.

I get what it's trying to do. It's a combination of the missile bats and the incinerators. However I find deploying both of those units and "wasting" an extra slot more effective. The snake is one unit, it will either shoot down air units or it will destroy buildings. Having two separate units allows me to do both when I need to and still let me deploy Storm Shadow besides to cloak the units.

Idea for the Snake:

Range of 5 - on par with the Havoc

Energy cost of 6 - For 1 energy more than incinerators you get an anti air unit with a little more armor.

Faster - if it can get into the range of something it can actually deal damage.

I don't like going on these tirades lightly, but spending 30+ training manuals to find out a unit is an overpriced target is kinda aggravating.


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    Raithnor Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Addendum: If you managed to get the Snake somewhere where it can actually start to do damage it's main cannon takes relatively forever to charge and fire. As in a tank gun can turn it into swiss cheese 3 times over.