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Hellcat (Patsy Walker)

4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
Affiliations: Heroes, Defenders

"From child celebrity to mystical crime fighter, Patsy Walker is used to living in the spotlight. Always ready to jump into action at a moment's notice, Patsy does whatever she can to help a friend or the city of New York as the inimitable Hellcat. With a strong moral compass and The Defenders at her back, criminals best watch out!" 

(Abilities listed at level 70, followed by 270
2964 Health / 10976 Health
 42 |  37 |  8 |  33 |  9 | 10 |  23 | 3.8x
 85 | 74 |  11 |  65 |  12 |  13 |  43 |  3.8x

It's Patsy! - 7  AP
In times of trouble, everyone looks to Patsy for guidance. Create a 1-turn Black Repeater tile that improves friendly Strike, Attack, or Protect tiles by 9. While one of these tiles is on the board, friendly powers cost 1 less (to a minimum of 3). (Max level 18 improvement)
  • Level 2: Improves friendly Strike, Attack, and Protect tiles by 13. (Max level 25 improvement)
  • Level 3: Improves friendly Strike, Attack, and Protect tiles by 16. (Max level 32 improvement)
  • Level 4: Improves friendly Strike, Attack, and Protect tiles by 23. (Max level 47 improvement)
  • Level 5: Improves friendly Strike, Attack, and Protect tiles by 38. (Max level 76 improvement)
Swipe Right - 7  AP
With claws like these, the opponent has surely met their match. Select a tile and destroy all tiles in that tile's row (destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP). Creates 1 Green strength 19 Strike tile. (Max level strength 36)
  • Level 2: Creates 2 strength 30 Strike tiles. (Max level strength 57)
  • Level 3: Creates strength 51 Strike tiles. (Max level strength 96)
  • Level 4: Creates 3 strength 61 Strike tiles. (Max level strength 116)
  • Level 5: Creates strength 116 Strike tiles. (Max level strength 219)
Catlike Reflexes - 6  AP
With her demon-sight and enhanced dexterity, Hellcat's grappling hook always hits its mark. Swaps up to 4 random enemy special tiles to the bottom row and deals 56 damage to the target. (Max level 108 damage)
  • Level 2: Swaps up to 5 enemy special tiles and deals 254 damage. (Max level 490 damage)
  • Level 3: Swaps up to 6 enemy special tiles and deals 434 damage. (Max level 838 damage)
  • Level 4: Swaps up to 7 enemy special tiles and deals 750 damage. (Max level 1446 damage)
  • Level 5: Swaps up to 8 enemy special tiles and deals 1395 damage. (Max level 2690 damage)

Release Schedule

Store Offerings

Hellcat & Friends - May 24 - 29

  • 80 Item Vault
    • 3x 4-Stars
      • 1x Random Hellcat (Patsy Walker) cover
      • 1x Random Carnage (Cletus Kasady) cover
      • 1x Random 4-Star cover
  • 7x Tokens
    • 1x Legendary token
    • 1x Mighty Token
    • 2x Heroic Tokens
    • 3x Beginner Support tokens
  • 6x Iso-8
    • 1x 5,000 Iso-8
    • 2x 2,500 Iso-8
    • 3x 1,000 Iso-8
  • 15x 3-Stars
    • 3x Storm (Mohawk)
    • 12x Random 3-Star covers
  • 49x 2-Stars
    • 10x Daken (Dark Avengers)
    • 39x Random 2-Star covers

Release Debut:

Meet Rocket & Groot - May 21 - 26

  • Hellcat (Patsy Walker) In placement rewards

Featured Event:

Webbed Wonder - May 25 - 29

  • Hellcat (Patsy Walker) as a progression reward

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. - May 24 - 29

  • Hellcat (Patsy Walker) Shards
  • Tokens to the Hellcat & Friends Vault

Versus Tournament:

Cat Outta Hell - May 24 -27

  • Hellcat (Patsy Walker) as a progression reward
  • Rewards tokens to the Hellcat & Friends Vault


  • Warbringa
    Warbringa Posts: 1,267 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited May 2020
    Well is here is a low cost, high certainty enemy special tile destroyer.  Purple certainly seems the obvious power at 5, the other two don't really seem to matter what they are at.  Lot's of potential to gather that red and purple ap fairly quickly and take out 8 enemy special tiles early.  I am assuming she is supposed to fit into the Gritty counter mold in 4* and maybe even 5* land?  Works somewhat on BRB but since his repeater is fortified, not quite as effective and he gets all that AP. She could be super effective in PvE meta against goons and special tiles spawners like Carnage. 
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    I find the arrangement of programmes pretty neat.

    Week 1: new 4* debut
    Week 2: new 4* Shield Training
    Week 3: new 5* debut
    Week 4: new 5* special cp store (+ alliance event)

    I'd love to put 4 or 5 of her repeaters on the board to buff all my SAP tiles by 304 or 380 every turn. Unfortunately, it requires yellow ap, which seems to be quite an uncommon colour. Most yellow ap feeders seem to be villians, with C&D being the exception in 4* land.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 8,377 Chairperson of the Boards
    How does that repeater compare to Frost's? 
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    Assuming we team her up with R4G, her repeater at 5 covers:

    Creates a 2-turn Yellow Repeater tile that places 2 strength 90 Strike tiles and improves up to 3 existing friendly Strike tile by 58.

    Every two turn:

    Frost + 354 strike damages

    For Hellcat, + 1064.

    A lot of factors will change the equation, such as longevity of those strike tiles.

    Overall, Hellcat's three abilities are better.
  • RickOShay
    RickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    edited May 2020
    I'm liking the idea of moving all of enemy Apocalypse's repeaters to the bottom row, then destroying them with her other power before they can create any protect tiles. We'll see how that works in her PvP.

    Also, when enemy special tiles are all of one color like with Hela's black ability, you could get a match-8 when moving those blue attack tiles to the bottom row .
    I will give @Thanos $1 if you make this happen in a video. :smile:
  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 2,732 Chairperson of the Boards
    Cheap powers, supporting abilities, destroyer of special tiles... this 4* char sure can help a lot on any game mode. 
    And her colours not include green or blue.
    Time to start her champing. And maybe setting as shard favourite.
    I will study it.
  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 1,447 Chairperson of the Boards
    Wow good character. I'm going for 5/3/5. Really squishy though.
  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 5,770 Chairperson of the Boards
    From the other hellcat thread:

    She looks reasonably good (or at least she would look reasonably good if new 4* releases mattered at all anymore.  But 4* tier is dead.).  Very squishy at 10k health.

    but 3 cheap powers with good synergy.  purple moves all enemy specials to the bottom row, red clears a targeted row (and makes decent strikes).  I am not sure how well her yellow will work in practice.  It seems most similar to Nico's tile buffing in that will buff everything by a modest amount 1x per turn, but I haven't played with Nico enough to know if that's good or bad.

  • shardwick
    shardwick Posts: 2,117 Chairperson of the Boards
    Are we going to get information the this SHIELD event?  Is it like SHIELD training or something new?  Any info?  
    Tune in tomorrow to find out. Same cat time, same cat channel.
  • MrEd95
    MrEd95 Posts: 280 Mover and Shaker
    If they ever decide to do more costumes (instead of completely dropping the feature like supports), I really hope they make a classic ‘patsy walker’ one from her comic way back when, before she ever became a superhero.
  • bluewolf
    bluewolf Posts: 4,910 Chairperson of the Boards

    Is this vault information correct?  It is pretty different from past/current 80 item vaults for PVE.  Is this the new reward structure for all PVEs moving forward?  Or just new releases?  Or just this event?

    Could we please get some clarification?
  • wymtime
    wymtime Posts: 3,744 Chairperson of the Boards
    As I look at her Purple and red put together I think this will be a great combo.  I see this as more of a PVE than PVP.  As I am playing against mindless ones being able up all the special tiles then destroy that row will be awesome.

    with PVP as a 5* player she can help against BRB teams lining up special tiles, but she does not have a natural 5* partner,  maybe Kitty Pride but that will be slow to get the strike tiles going.  I think she can be a very good 3rd with Kitty and BRB in sim.

    overall I think 3,5,5 would work best
  • Jormagund
    Jormagund Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    Rescue and Patsy sounds interesting.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited May 2020
    That's a good one: Rescue turns all the rest of enemy special tiles red at the bottom and gain critical tile. On the flip side, you miss out on potential cascades and match-4 that give you other colour aps.

    As long as there are six enemy special tiles of the same colour, players are guaranteed at least a match-3, a potential match-4 and a rare chance of match 5 after using her purple. This reminds me of one of my favourite 3* in PvEs: Patch. This brings me to another character: Sabretooth. Finally, it brings me to Kaecilius.

    I'll try out Patch, Hellcat and a third that I can't think of now against Kaecilius in the future. I'll use Patch/Hellcat/Sabretooth just to watch some art of feline destruction: Fire Patch's green twice, followed by Hellcat's purple. You Shoulda Run.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 8,377 Chairperson of the Boards
    Rescue’s blue is expensive without a battery; she is fun with brb/Carbage for that reason.
  • jredd
    jredd Posts: 1,387 Chairperson of the Boards
    contender for best cover?
  • MadScientist
    MadScientist Posts: 317 Mover and Shaker
    jredd said:
    contender for best cover?
    Red. You can do a lot of shenanigans with targeted row destruction.
  • RickOShay
    RickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    jredd said:
    contender for best cover?
    Red. You can do a lot of shenanigans with targeted row destruction.
    He means the Comic cover / art chosen for this character.