Time to eliminate some events.

greenmeanie Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
I feel it's time to eliminate some events.  There are times when there are 5 events going on in one day.  I know I can't sit there all day to play them all.  In my opinion some of the events that should be eliminated: oath of gatewatch, emergency ordinances, and terror of the shadows are just examples.  The older events really are those players that have been playing over 3 years. 

Also maybe put some the new ones like colossal tussel  to start on Tuesday.  Instead of putting in on a day either that has a coalition event or rising tension.  


  • Mburn7
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    I mean, just because an event is there doesn't mean you have to play it.  As someone who personally loves the Oath and Terrors events I would hate to see them eliminated.

    Some better event spacing would be nice though, since some days there are 5 at once and other days none.
  • Archgoose
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    I too love the Terror of the Night events.  I feel like those cards are highly underrated.  Emergency Ordinance I wouldn't be upset with losing, the problem I have with the Kaladesh events is their objectives presume you already have cards from the set (like those that use Energize).  Terror of the Night on the other hand was the first event I ever won (got 1st) even without any Shadows Over Innistrad cards.
  • Firinmahlazer
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    Events have their place. Even in my complaint about Role Reversal people pointed out they use it for getting XP on otherwise junk cards. Old events provide packs for Legacy cards that new players might have have a hard time getting. 

    What I would like to see is them running more newer events so we can all get a better stab at getting new cards from current sets. 
  • Caeman
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    True, but there’s a decreasing number of new events, and the current design team is relying very heavily on the old events to carry them. If you’re not noticing that the only frequent semi-daily event that provides a standard pack is Rising Tensions, there’s a problem (I do not include TotP, because the event costs too much to justify playing it.)
    When the next set goes to Legacy, there’s going to be three blocks that have been, so far, underwhelmingly showcased with their involvement of standard events, which is very concerning, considering the number of events that came from the Ravnica storyline.
    I can appreciate the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but when M21 comes along, it’s going to be broke.
  • Wolfteeth
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    Or give them better rewards, what they have now is insulting