CotT: Venom vs... himself, well sort of

Similar powers. 1st time through I used my yellow and green powers too early and built up his shields :/. Important to starve your fellow symbiote of green and red!

2nd time kicked it in. Token for the hoard (always wanted to add the hoard statement even if the hoard is quite infinitesimal).


  • PuceMoose
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    It was a pretty close fight, but I managed it first time with my level 152 5/4/4 Venom. I was down to about 2000 health by the end of it. I equipped element guns to help keep my tiles around. One green and one yellow did most of the work, and after that it was clean up bolstered by the attack tiles. 

    Saving the token for now.
  • DAZ0273
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    I quite enjoy this Crash with the two symbiotes basically just going at each other and it was made easier by the fact that I finally champed Venom last month for all his saved cover rewards.

    Carnage took the lead but he is his own worst enemy and soon I had flashing yellow and green AP bars and proceeded to clobber Carnage with some jumpy forwards punchy-ness taking advantage of all those special tiles. We know who the no.1 Symbiote is - Fast Eddie for the win!