Avacyns madness AI Wrong Mana

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Playing through Avacyns madness and on 2 occasions, specifically 3.2 and 5.3 I noticed the AI was pull cards it shouldn't, because in standered events the AI will only pull cards that are linked to its mana. How ever 3.2 wich is green mana has been pulling black cretures cards and 5.3 wich is a white mana enime has blue/red support card and a black creature. If this is by design shouldn't the enimes have there mana couler changed to reflect the cards they will be using. 


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    Since it's following this rules for human players, it's a plausible assumption imho, but for PvE opponents unfortunately it doesn't work this way.. 

    I've stumbled upon this behaviour not very long ago in any of the fblthp events, when fblthp came along with for instance red cards, even though he's monoblue. I don't know whether that was changed before or I just didn't notice in case, it has followed this rules all the time.

    However, my advice would be to better use other sources to inform yourself of what you will have to expect in PvE than the opponent "colors" :wink:
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