Making my way into 4* land, who do I focus on first?



  • NemoAbernniganNemoAbernnigan Posts: 81 Match Maker
    I finally got the shards for another Juggs cover, so now I have his green and red at one cover a piece. I'm also just over halfway to the next cover for Grocket, so I'll have a blue and yellow soonish. I'm nearly at 500 command points so I can start buying more levels in them both at this point, which color should I prioritize for Juggernaut, green or red? Or should I wait til I have Grocket's yellow and pump that first? Also do I need Juggernaut's blue and Grocket 's green, should I use future shards for those covers or just ignore their less focal powers entirely?
  • krakenoonkrakenoon Posts: 355 Mover and Shaker
    While shards have helped with unbalanced builds, we’re still not immune to RNG. Overall I would say priority for Juggs is R>G>B, but you might want to keep some shards on him to fix it if you get a bad spread of colors. I still say 5 yellow on Grocket would be 1st priority (thanks @KGB for clarification), since they really make the team viable. Once champed, I believe the consensus is Juggs’ green is better than his blue.
  • KGBKGB Posts: 1,514 Chairperson of the Boards
    You never use Juggs Blue (or I never do). For 1 more Blue AP you get Grockets Blue which is much more useful with a per turn damage and attack tile.

    Also you should not use CP on buying covers for Juggs/Grocket or any 4* really. You should be saving those for future 5* pulls.

    When you are sharding the priority is
    1) Grocket Yellow
    2) Juggs Green
    3) Juggs Red

  • NemoAbernniganNemoAbernnigan Posts: 81 Match Maker
    I'm barely starting on 4*, it's gonna be a long long time before I can start on 5*land, and I would stop playing if I tried to follow the meta completely, with the total hoarding of tokens and command points, waiting for some theoretical future where I will be able to use them all most effectively. I don't have the money to pay for vaults or anything, so I need the reward factor of opening tokens and finally leveling characters and stuff sometimes or the lack of a sense of progression robs the joy from the game.

    Thanks for the advice though, I will try to hold off on spending my points til I have Grocket's yellow covered. I make some decent progress with just my champed Karnak/Chavez combo, so I'm focusing on a second strong team for PvP right now, as I slowly close in on the SHIELD rank required for SLC10. I wish they would offer more events and rewards in both PvE and PvP, because that's really the only way my progression speed is going to increase.
  • krakenoonkrakenoon Posts: 355 Mover and Shaker

    I’m not calling you out, but I would like some insight on your choice of prioritization of Juggs covers. I would think that once you have a green cover or two, red would be more useful since it adds more damage but also trivializes a lot of match damage done to you and ensures Juggs can tank over characters with shared colors. If you are running with Grocket, the value for each tier of his green seems diminished after the first cover IMO.
  • KGBKGB Posts: 1,514 Chairperson of the Boards

    If you are using Juggs primarily for PvE then at least half the nodes don't have tile movers. So you don't need the match damage reduction in half the nodes. Now if you are also playing a fair bit of PvP too and want to use him there then clearly Red > Green.

    As far as tanking colors goes, 1 cover in Red gives 40% which should let him tank over most of your characters in his primary colors and TUs. For his secondary you will need a support for him to tank those.

    When I built mine when he was first released I ended up alternating covers (1 Red, 1 Green) and in truth that's probably the ideal way to go (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5) rather than going for a 5/1 or 1/5 split.

  • froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 355 Mover and Shaker
    edited June 2020
    Additional green covers for Juggs do very, very little additional damage.
    Whereas additional red covers can make a huge difference on what colors Juggs tanks.
    The additional match damage on the red will dwarf the paltry increase from additional green covers, but far more significant is the ability to tank more colors. When you use Juggs with boosted essentials, that 225% damage increase is critical for tanking. Ditto when you want Juggs' third color to tank over someone else's first color.

    Once you have 1 green, I can't recommend strongly enough to go for the red covers next. A 1/5/0 Juggs is extremely competitive, and only modest gains are achieved after that.
  • mpitermpiter Posts: 69 Match Maker
    I totally agree with froggerjohn.  Even in PVE there are many nodes with at least one tile mover.  Jug 150 is much better then Jug 330 to save health packs, specially if he can tank many colors thanks to a good Support. R >> G > B.

    I think there will be more benefit to develop R&G with 5 yellow before improving Jug.  R&G x5x + Jug 100 is better than R&G with less yellow and more Jug covers.
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