5* Jump - Am I ready and strategy

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I think I'm ready for the 5* jump (with a little more iso..).  Here's the general jist of my roster..

Currently in solid 4* land (so I think).  Of the 98 4* out there, I have them all and 87 of them are champed, ranging in level 315 (C4rol) to 271.

My 5* situation: of the 45 available, I have 43.  40 of them are at level 310, and 38 of them I can take to level 345 (#covers range from 13 to 6 in that group).  I capped the 5* leveling at 310 so they'd be below my highest 4*.

To be ready for the scaling effect, I'm planning to jump 3 of the 5* to level 345 at the same time and that will be my PVP go-to characters (4* champ and boosted is still doing pretty good).  I need about 291k iso to make that happen, I've got some 3* and 2* farms getting ready to harvest so I should be in that situation soon.  

After I jump the first 3 to 345, I'd gradually bring them all up to 345.  Then jump a 3 or 4 character group to 360, level all up to 360... 375...390... you get the picture.

Question 1? Is this strategy sound?  Is 345 too low a starting level?  Should I stockpile iso for a 360 jump instead?

Question 2? Which should be my first 3 to level and use as my go-to group.  Cable-OML-Kitty is kind of fun to play with, but there are probably better groupings out there...

One thing is for certain.  5* land... I'm coming!

Welcome any feedback, thoughts and lessons learned.



  • JohnRhinoJohnRhino Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Cable is 5/4/3, OML is 4/5/3, Kitty is 3/3/4. 
    Some other ones I like using in PVE are Spidey (Parker) 5/3/5, Doom 3/5/4, Hela 5/4/2, Jessica 5/4/2, BP 4/3/1, BRB 3/2/3, Hawkeye 2/3/2.  I also have 13 covers in IM 5/3/5 but he doesn't really seem that good.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 6,452 Chairperson of the Boards
    It was my experience champing 5*s that my MMR didn't immediately change, it would usually take the remainder of the pvp before I'd notice it. So be careful if you're worried about it. 

    I will also say having transitioned with Ghost Rider, it is incredibly painful to have single 5* MMR in today's meta. And then getting Doom as my second champ just put me in the Kitty + max-champ Rocket bracket and eventually the Anybody + Max Champ Bishop bracket, which was very painful. Considering nearly all my 4* champs at the time were below lvl 300, and I was attempting to bonus hero my way to completed Okoye and Jessica Jones, I didn't feel like I could shift focus to try and force feed my own bishop and rocket that high to combat it.
  • JohnRhinoJohnRhino Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    My Bishop is champed but pretty low (277).  I do have 38 different 5* I can take to 345, including Beta Ray.  So kitty, Beta, and whAt would be a good third?
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