5* Jump - Am I ready and strategy

JohnRhinoJohnRhino Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
I think I'm ready for the 5* jump (with a little more iso..).  Here's the general jist of my roster..

Currently in solid 4* land (so I think).  Of the 98 4* out there, I have them all and 87 of them are champed, ranging in level 315 (C4rol) to 271.

My 5* situation: of the 45 available, I have 43.  40 of them are at level 310, and 38 of them I can take to level 345 (#covers range from 13 to 6 in that group).  I capped the 5* leveling at 310 so they'd be below my highest 4*.

To be ready for the scaling effect, I'm planning to jump 3 of the 5* to level 345 at the same time and that will be my PVP go-to characters (4* champ and boosted is still doing pretty good).  I need about 291k iso to make that happen, I've got some 3* and 2* farms getting ready to harvest so I should be in that situation soon.  

After I jump the first 3 to 345, I'd gradually bring them all up to 345.  Then jump a 3 or 4 character group to 360, level all up to 360... 375...390... you get the picture.

Question 1? Is this strategy sound?  Is 345 too low a starting level?  Should I stockpile iso for a 360 jump instead?

Question 2? Which should be my first 3 to level and use as my go-to group.  Cable-OML-Kitty is kind of fun to play with, but there are probably better groupings out there...

One thing is for certain.  5* land... I'm coming!

Welcome any feedback, thoughts and lessons learned.



  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 813 Critical Contributor
    The difference between having 3 lvl 345 5*s and lvl 360 5*s is very little. I think as long as you don't level them more than 375 or at least one of them to 390, you won't be matched against other 5* teams immediately in an event.

    How many covers do you have for the ones you are thinking of adding levels to and who are they?
  • JohnRhinoJohnRhino Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Cable is 5/4/3, OML is 4/5/3, Kitty is 3/3/4. 
    Some other ones I like using in PVE are Spidey (Parker) 5/3/5, Doom 3/5/4, Hela 5/4/2, Jessica 5/4/2, BP 4/3/1, BRB 3/2/3, Hawkeye 2/3/2.  I also have 13 covers in IM 5/3/5 but he doesn't really seem that good.
  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 813 Critical Contributor
    I see. If you want to see how your opponents in Versus events change, it's better to level one 5* at a time, in 15 levels increment. Be aware that once we level up the character too high and the types of opponents that are offered change, there's no way to change it back. 
    You don't want to be fighting championed Kitty, Bishop, Beta Ray Bill on a regular basis with OML or Cable as part of your strongest team. You might win some matches, but I expect other players would hit you without hesitation.

    I'd start by levelling Kitty even though she only has 10 covers. Lvl 345 like you planned should be safe. 
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,337 Chairperson of the Boards
    It was my experience champing 5*s that my MMR didn't immediately change, it would usually take the remainder of the pvp before I'd notice it. So be careful if you're worried about it. 

    I will also say having transitioned with Ghost Rider, it is incredibly painful to have single 5* MMR in today's meta. And then getting Doom as my second champ just put me in the Kitty + max-champ Rocket bracket and eventually the Anybody + Max Champ Bishop bracket, which was very painful. Considering nearly all my 4* champs at the time were below lvl 300, and I was attempting to bonus hero my way to completed Okoye and Jessica Jones, I didn't feel like I could shift focus to try and force feed my own bishop and rocket that high to combat it.
  • JohnRhinoJohnRhino Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    My Bishop is champed but pretty low (277).  I do have 38 different 5* I can take to 345, including Beta Ray.  So kitty, Beta, and whAt would be a good third?
  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 813 Critical Contributor
    JohnRhino said:
    My Bishop is champed but pretty low (277).  I do have 38 different 5* I can take to 345, including Beta Ray.  So kitty, Beta, and whAt would be a good third?
    One of the most popular team to use in SHIELD Sim is actually Beta Ray Bill, Kitty and Bishop.. so you might not need to level a 3rd 5* yet. The 3 of them are more intimidating than most teams of 3 5*s anyway
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