CotT: Single fist of Iron vs. twin sai of steel

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Iron Fist vs. Elektra!

First try for my 209 5/3/5 Iron Fist. I went blue->green fairly early, and that knocked out a pretty good chunk of her health. Taskmaster's Sword helped quite a bit to whittle her down. I was lucky that she didn't manage to get enough AP to cast any of her powers - I imagine she was saying quite a few bad words that would even make the Hand blush, as she was *one* AP short on each of her powers by the time I landed the killing blow. 

I am holding on to the token until we get iHulk, Yelena, and Apoc all in latest legends. Then it's going to be an epic hoard-busting blowout! I haven't done one of those since that amazing Jessica Jones/Kitty/Okoye store, so I will look forward to that whenever it happens.


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    Tried many times with a 2/1/2 Hobo Fist, but couldn't even get close. Looks like I won't win this one.

    Finally got it. I did have a lucky board, but I also changed focus to be more offensively minded. Took AP boosts instead of damage boosts (since most of the damage is coming from Taskmaster's anyway), and tried to set up and make cascades to maximize the support procs.

    Token for the next rotation.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,526 Chairperson of the Boards
    Deny black!!!! My Iron Fist is champed so this was a breeze and I always enjoy using him to pound the enemy in the face! Chase green to get black. Bam, Shakalaka!
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