Moray NOT doing what it's told.

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When I put a Moray in the water and tell it to attack something, I EXPECT it to carry out the order like any other vehicle.

Instead this thing has a mind of its own and proceeds to launch its cruise missiles at a RANDOM target (whether I told it to target a water based target with its torpedoes or a land based target with its cruise missles.

And don't tell me it's because the target is out of range, because IT'S NOT.  If I tell it to target a water based target, IT SHOULD MOVE to that target and attack, not STOP ALONG THE WAY and fire off its cruise missles at a random land target only to get itself killed before if can ATTACK THE TARGET I TOLD IT TO.

The only command it seems to follow is a "move to here" command .  More times than not though it gets itself killed stopping in a stupid place to carry out an attack on something I DIDN'T TELL IT TO.


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    I find that it happens to a lot of other characters as well.

    Did they mention that it's due to the range of attack assigned to each character?
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    I find that it happens to a lot of other characters as well.

    Did they mention that it's due to the range of attack assigned to each character?


    I'm not sure what it's due to.  The thing that complicates its attacks is it ability to use multiple attacks ,(which absolutely awesome in theory). 

    It has cannons, torpedoes,  and cruise missiles.   The cannons are usually used on units within range on land AFAIK.  The torpedoes are always used on water based targets for obvious reasons.

    The cruise missiles,  however, I've seen used on land based (expected) and even water based (unexpected) targets.

    Now, if I order it to attack a water based target and it's out of range but the path is traversible, I'd expect it to travel to within range and launch torpedoes.  However, left to it's own devices, it will launch cruise missles at times at water targets.  

    Now, that's fine until you realize many times it will waltz right up to a water cannon and try to attack with torpedoes but get blown up because it gets so close.  If its able to launch cruise missles at water targets, which are s long range weapon, why does it choose to commute suicide by getting close to launch torpedoes?

    Further more, if I tell it to attack a water based target upon dropping it in, whydoes it instead choose to stop and launch cruise missles at a land based target?  Why not either travel to the selected target or better yet, launch cruise missles at the selected watertarget, then move forward with the torpedoes?

    The Mantis will do something similar when it's path is blocked and you order it to attack something that it can't get to without destroying something first (like ordering it to attack a generator and a missle platform is in the way, it will attack  the missle platform or the nearest water based defense target.), or sometimes it will just get stuck underwater near the base unit blocking it.  Now, since it uses torpedoes, I can understand this.  But the Moray has the ability for long range cruise missle attacks even on the water (perhaps it shouldn't).  So why not use those instead of defaulting to attacking the nearest defense target if it can't reach the selected target?  Why not move as close as possible and then launch the missles?

    And if I select a land target upon spawning, why does it attack a different one (eventhough both are within range (this could be mistaken on my part / not in range, but why not move closer to the shore then)?