Battle 4 tribes p2 broke for new players

So the second half of the battle of the for tribes seems impossible for low level players. For example node 2.3 requirs players to know about the city blessing buffs and go hevay on support removel if someone is in bronze and unaware they run the risk of the AI hitting them for 999 damage wich is a lot. I think these needs scaled down especially for bronze and silver. Seocnd 3.3 is good but the infinite suport where on turn 1 your cretaures can't attack till AI next turn leaves lower players struggling as a cretaure will be locked while Gregg gets a whole turn to gain mana to remove the cretaures. And finally 2.3 is a fair one at times, but the issue I run into a lot is AI hand is full of cretaure removels and supports that can cause the player to feel there at an uphill battle as there constantly trying to bring in cretaures while AI is able to stack removels.