CotT: Quake vs. Invisible Baglady

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Quake is a character that I rarely use. I've actually seen her more often in the Sim recently - I guess she's a good counter to 4Juggs with that yellow. 

At 209 and 5/3/5, this proved to be a pretty good fight. I hogged the green, and Sue managed to fire blue once. I was hoping to get enough blue to use my own blue to wipe out her strikes, but it never happened. There was almost no yellow on the board, so I didn't have too much trouble taking her out. Quake's green does a pretty decent 4k team damage even at just level 209, so one of those and some match damage (assisted by Taskmaster's sword) did the deed pretty efficiently.

My reward was a champ level for Rogue.


  • DAZ0273
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    Quake is pretty nicely set up to fight Sue with both her blue and green powers useful counters.

    I champed quake back in the days of race for the iso before the cover on your vine expired, so she had a fair few champ levels on her making this an even easier battle but I could see how lower level Quake's might struggle a bit as she is not exactly a powerhouse.