Suggestion on PVE + PVP + Character selection

Please don’t let player to waste time to manage something that the game interface can help. Some slightly changes may make the game more interesting. The below may be already asked by some other players. Anyway, it is my own thinking (or a same thinking of you) and would like to voice out after my playing of this game by few year.


(A) PVE Mode

I consider the game may still base on D3 timeslots and make every PVE a 24 hour thing per sub. And, I consider the placement reward system should be kept, so it make meaningful to “play better” each time.

 1) Method of Placement:  But the placement should be based on something else. It should be aimed to prevent grinding, NO alarm clock, NO frozen time slot for a game.

 The placement might be based on (and/or) the completed scours + bonus on: speed (time while fighting), nos. of move, nos. of remaining AP, remaining health, nos. of characters used, nos. of different power fired.  And, the bonus formula may change time to time, with an announcement, to make each “play” some different and interesting.

 2) Reward arrangement:  But, I consider DEV should slightly reduce the different between each placement rewards. But, say give extra reward after you complete a node to make a balance. Or extra rewards for: nos. of characters used, on nos. of different power fired …etc.

 3) Hard and Easy Node  Instead of (3)harder and (3)easer nodes, 2 hard + 2 mid + 2 ease will be more reasonable. Or from ease to hard, each node should have its own scale of difficulties.

 4) PVE Game interface  Add somewhere in the screen, for each node, nos. of flight required/remaining. It reduces the time to click to check. For example, a table of list at bottom:

 Es5*  Es4*  Es3*  N6   N5  N4   N3   N2  N1

 4/6   2/4   4/6   6/6  5/6  6/6  4/6  4/6  2/6



(B) PVP mode

1) More timeslot:  Because of method of placement, DEV should give more timeslots for selection.

2) Game Mode  For PVP, over 90% of flight is essential of one character. I suggest the following to made the game more interesting:

 i) group of essential of 1 character:  Variants (widows, wolverine…), Similar( spiders …) (recently widow is interesting)

 ii) Group of essential of 3 characters:  Affiliations ( Avengers, X-men, Heros, … even Sinister Six), or all female or male (say: lady’s night or a gentlemen’s party …etc.) or female/male of a affiliations (e.g. female X-men, male of avengers).

 iii) Choose a side, group of essential of 3 characters, but at the start you must choose: Temp-Cap/ironman, Heros/Villains and Spiders/Sinister Six.  And, but you must chose it before the game start; for the more people team, the less boost; while the less people team, more boost; no boost to late comer.

 3) Beside maximize all level to 550, it can be any numbers (e.g. 450, 370, 270, 166 …etc).

P.s. Heroes/combination of too old school, please do not let them back again.

(C) Hero selection mode

Another essential part of the game is to select hero, but it is form over 200 characters and the boost changed their original position. It is hard to find what you want.

1a) In Roster screen, beside the option for star levels, add option to put the character in the order of character level or its name in alphabetical order.

1b) In Roster screen, setup favorites Team/Pair (for PVE) or favorites list (like the star level). The selected can saved as say Team A, Team B…etc and/or favorites list 1, list 2 etc.

2) In the “Flight!” Screen, add (i) select formed favor team or (ii) the select option similar to the roster screen (star levels/favorites and character levels or character name in order)

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