CotT: Carnage vs. this guy... This Guy!?!

PuceMoose Posts: 1,445 Chairperson of the Boards
"Why does this guy hate you so much?" I always enjoyed that bit of dialogue in Webbed Wonder. 
Now, Carnage gets to fight "this guy"

Anyway, Carnage vs. Doc Ock is a pretty interesting match-up, as two of Doc's abilities work directly against Carnage's strengths. I lost my first attempt with my 209 4/4/5 Carnage, due to him building up a rather scary amount of attack tiles with his black, and me being unable to gather enough green to ease the pain. 

My second attempt led me to getting enough red for a double-bomb, and combined with the attack tiles took the Doc out pretty quickly.

I'm saving the token for when both Yelena and iHulk are in Latest, then I'll pop a small hoard to make sure I get at least one cover for each character. 


  • TPF Alexis
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    With all the Attack tiles, there's a pretty major amount of unavoidable damage going on here. I'm really not sure how I would go about this with an under-covered/leveled Carnage. For a champ, "deny blue, chase red and green" was enough, but I still got pretty beat up in the process. Wouldn't want to try that without a solid health pool there.
  • DAZ0273
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    This was a closely run thing but champed Carnage fed Doc his tentacles eventually and is another crash happy to see the back of.