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So i've just came back to the game after a number of years away. I've managed to restore my old roster that i had, but as i have been away from the game for so long, i'm basically having to relearn the game again. 

I'm looking for help as to what i should be focusing on with my current roster and also what teams are good to use with what i have? 

I'm also looking to join an alliance with people that will be patient with me as i relearn the game from where i stopped off. 

This is the roster i currently have -

Any help with what i should do and should be doing would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 


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    Oh, that looks like you're in good shape to move forward, but there's some foundational stuff to focus on first.  The overall strategy for a roster is to build it up from the bottom, excluding 1stars.  I'll explain why, and I'll just assume you don't remember anything.

    So, covers are levels.  Each character can store 13 covers, and their possible level goes up with each cover added, until you hit the max number of covers, which all have to be in the correct power distribution.  So, say you're working on someone who has red/green/blue powers, and you have 5 red covers, 3 green covers, and 2 blue ones.  Any additional red cover you try to apply is just going to get saved because you can't go over 5.  Saved for what?  Well, after you max out powers (with covers) and levels (with purple ISO) then a new button appears to "champion" a character.  This allows you to change power levels whenever you want, and every additional cover you get is a reward, from more ISO to Command Points (used to buy premium token pulls, mostly), to Hero Points (the ones used to buy roster slots) and more, like covers for higher tiered characters.  Champ levels are your bread and butter for resource acquisition, they speed up your progress a lot.

    Here's the issue: you don't have any 2-star characters rostered.  That's the first thing I would work on.  They're the most common kind of cover, the most plentiful rewards, so you definitely want them.  They're also required for some events, like the Deadpool Daily has two nodes that are 2-star and below only, and the harder node has a specific 2-3-4 combo.  So definitely roster and champ all of them first before focusing on anyone else.  It looks like you've got some max champed 3s too, so you'll want to maybe roster a double to start earning rewards again.  Depends how bad your HP situation is, but it should be pretty good cause you have a fairly strong roster and can compete in higher level events. 

    [Medusa/Nico], Gamora, and 4* Rocket and Groot are a good team, though meta has moved on a little bit they'd still be able to clear SCL 8, maybe 9 (I actually don't know how hard 9 is, so give it a shot maybe?)  SCL10 is endgame content, very difficult, so you might have a rough time.  I personally just finished my 3star champs and I'm working on leveling up my 4s, so I'm behind you.

    Other good team combos off the top of my head are [Medusa/Doc Ock/Carnage], [C4rol/Coulson/R4G] - Wasp is a good fit here for R4G if you get her covered.

    So yeah, make sure you're not wasting any rewards from 2 or 3 star covers, and set your favorite characters.  Shards replaced bonus heroes, which you might remember.  Shards are basically pieces of a colorless cover, so when you get to 300 for a 3, 400 for a 4, 500 for a 5, you can just buy a power outright.  Really helps when you have a bad cover distribution and you need to fix it.  In the worst case you can get 5 of two colors and have 0 of the third.  Every time you get that specific character (which the odds are pretty low of randomly pulling a specific character, especially 4 stars) there's a 66% chance you won't be able to use it until they're champed. 

    I'd set Kitty as your 5-star target, for 4, make it the 4star Juggernaut, and for 3, Magneto cause he'll earn shards for Juggernaut.  Or you could pick 3star heroes that are close to an HP reward cause you might need some.

    Looking forward you're going to want to roster all the 4s and work on covering and champing them.  Let me know if you have more questions!
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    Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate the help! 

    It's all slowly coming back to me but i'm getting there.

    I have actually got 2*'s rostered, i just didn't include them because it was a tedious process inputting all the 5, 4 and 3*'s, i didn't have it in me to put the 2's in aswell haha. Is farming the 2*'s still a thing? Is it even worth me doing still or should i be focusing more on the 3's and 4's? 

    Also, i have saved up 111CP points since coming back, when should i spend them and what should I spend them on?

    One last thing, where can i find a decent Alliance to join? I've joined one randomly, but it only has 5 members in it and doesn't seem to be very active.

    Thanks again for the reply!
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    Ah, good.  It would make sense, but I've seen some crazy stuff on forums like people complaining about getting shards for their max champed characters and I'm like... you're not just throwing those away, right?  So much stuff straight down the drain.

    Farming all your characters is the thing, all the way down to 2, because it's basically free resources.  Otherwise you're tossing your covers for like 100 iso instead of getting all that good stuff like CP or HP, shards, full covers, etc.  You won't have to try to do this because a lot of your pulls are going to be 2- and 3-stars anyway; it's kind of hard to get 4-star covers.  There's a smaller chance to get them from Heroic and Mighty tokens, but the vast majority of covers are going to be 2 and 3.  The farming happens automatically.  Just make sure your covers have a place to land when you get them and they're not getting sold for piddling ISO.  Whether you sell the max champ or roster a dupe is up to you: the max champs can come in handy for required events and PVP, or if they're super useful like Strange, but if you have a bad HP squeeze (and you might from all those 4s to roster) you can just sell them when you get another cover.  Your roster should be able to cover an unchamped or baby champed character.

    I'm burning all my CP on pulls from Classic Legends right now trying to build up my 4s, but you'll also hear advice to save them up for a special store to try and focus on good pulls.  We had a Fan Favorites vault pop up in the last couple months with a whole lot of good 4s and 5s that it helped to have a CP hoard to spend, but at the same time I feel like I can't make any progress if I don't have covers, so it's a bit of a push/pull.  I might pull from them slowly, and if you have any LL tokens pull those first, to try and roster up the 4s you're missing, as long as you have HP to roster a new character.  Definitely focus on Juggs first though, he'll speed up your PVE clears a ton.  Opening those CP pulls will also help with the shards.  You can also get shards and covers from PVP progression in the current event, Predator and Prey, so I would recommend working on that.

    There's a section here for alliance recruitment:  With your roster it should be dead simple to clear SCL7 progression and get in a T250 (ranked in the top 250) alliance at the very least.  Depending on how much you want to work at it you could probably get a spot in a T100 for better rewards.

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    Rewards have been severely reduced overall in the game so, yeah, farms are important. I might suggest holding on to your CP until a store comes along featuring Kitty @ a 1:7 chance. This will give you a chance to hoard more CP as there is still the practice of breaking hoards.

    It could also be worth pulling for someone else in 5 star land, but only if you have someone to make an OP pick 2 with.

    Welcome back & may the odds be ever in your favor.