1.1.8 Release Notes (04/29/2020)

Popeyes Posts: 64 Match Maker



  • New missions added

  • Tips Screen have been updated with a new look

  • Missions now have an info button that will guide you to the objective

  • New local notifications to remind players (no buildings in progress, event ending)

Bug Fixes

  • 'You Were Attacked...' screen should now display resource lost information

  • Player Base will now display a damaged state when you've been defeated while offline

  • Survival Event Attempt timer should now properly display and show you the time remaining before your next free attempt

  • Megalodon and Moray will now deploy their Cruise Missiles in Sea Battles

  • Many translations added to the game for all supported languages 


  • dirty
    dirty Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    I’m glad we got translations. Good to include everyone in this broken mess.

    3rd time a survival event was rolled out bugged. Just “use diamonds to reset it” they said. Here is some silver coins to tide you over. We can’t get the event programmed to work so you, the player base should spend your money as a work around. That has got to be the most disrespectful solution I have ever seen in a game, mobile or not.

    ”You were attacked screen” still doesn’t show everyone who hit you....