Force Bubbles & Repeater tiles (Kitty especially)

In the Invisible Woman event, I noticed that if you fired her Force Bubbles power, and if it encapsulated Kitty's Repeater tile, Kitty didn't make another repeater tile (Question 1, is this intentional)?

If this is intentional, how about a 5* Invisible Woman where you can target a tile w/ it (which then lets the player select repeater tiles and shut them down).

I think this would be a nice, fair, way to counter Kitty (or selectively remove other massively boosted Strike/Attack tiles on the board).


  • iHulk2013iHulk2013 Posts: 5 Just Dropped In

    Only Invisible woman had force bubble, it make her special but not useful.

     Force bubble should lock that tiles’ function, as above mentioned Kitty’s tile, so she will not make another one.

     To make it useful, when it fire, we can select which tile(s) to be locked.

     Besides, it should be that only Invisible Woman (either team) can move the force bubble tile for matching. The matched bubble tile should be destroyed to eliminate that special tiles (including ally’s self- harmful tile).  It is unreasonable, by the sense of the comic, that Invisible Woman is not able to control its bubble.

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