Next 5* to champ?

Wil88 Posts: 157 Tile Toppler
Who should I try to champ next between Kitty or Thor?
Kitty is 3/0/5 and Thor is 5/2/1.

My champed 5s are Okoye, Strange and Hawkeye.


  • helix72
    helix72 Posts: 951 Critical Contributor
    Assuming you have Rocket and Juggernaut champed in the 4* tier, I'll take the counter view and say Kitty. Your Thor is already usable with his green at 5, but to optimize Kitty you want her Yellow and Purple both at 5--which you'll only be able to do through champing her since you have 5 in her Red.

    For perspective, I don't have any 5's champed, but I have Kitty at 5/5/3, Okoye at 5/5/3, and Thor at 4/4/1, and my Kitty use dwarfs my Okoye or Thorkoye use by at least 10 to 1. I play SCL 10 PvE to full progression and SCL 10 PvP to 1000 on every event (perhaps changing to 900 based on the rework of the prizes).
  • Wil88
    Wil88 Posts: 157 Tile Toppler
    edited April 2020
    Thanks for the tips. I was on a game break last fall so don’t have either Hammercap or Juggernaut with more than 3 covers. 
    I’m trying to find some teams that will give me better luck against the challenge nodes in pve scl 10 and a bit more luck in pvp. 
    Maybe I will get Kitty to 4 yellow (Emma is currently at 276) and then switch over to Thor and maybe put some iso into both of them. 
  • TPF Alexis
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    My Thor is in about the same place as yours, and I use him successfully for Challenge nodes all the time. Unless you're bringing him into PvP, all that really matters is having 5 in green.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    It appears to me that Kitty needs to be champed, but Thor needs to have 5 in green to do what you need. I would just leave your Thor alone, and work on Kitty next. I'm in a not-dissimilar position, having largely missed out on both thor and kitty while they were in latest. I'm 13 Valkyries away from a 5/0/2 Thor, and then I'm just going to leave him like that.

    Since Hawkeye is 2/5/3, I'm going to finish him next (kate bishop at 294), then it'll be the long road to fixing my 3/2/0 Kitty Pryde. At least my Frost is at 299, so I'm not too far from another cover. I'm going to build her Purple, then yellow, then red, so that she will have maximum utility as she grows. It's hard to overstate the utility of Thor as a battery for any number of characters, but I think that Kitty adds so much to so many teams that it makes more sense to have her champed.