Q&A w/Emerald City Games - April 2020 Edition (4/24/20)

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Hi Everyone –

Thank you for submitting your questions this past month via the new Google Form we put in place to help deliver these questions to the team.  Please keep the questions coming via the Google Form!

We thank the team over at Emerald City Games (ECG) for putting together these responses.

ECG Q&A Session – April 2020

There has been frequent changes to the game every week, making it difficult to progress?

We are constantly working on fine tuning the game to maximize the player experience.  The changes being made are not intended to block any progress but to be fair for all players.  As you know, this is never easy and the feedback everyone provides here on the forums, the player survey, and on social is very helpful, so please keep these coming as our team reviews them regularly.

The latest update has made it so the majority of trophies/supplies won throughout the day are lost when the game updates each night.

We are actually actively looking into this for trophies and supplies to help extend gameplay, so please keep an eye out for the change in a future update.

Is the dev team considering any change to which units can perform anti-air attacks?

Not really at this time but please keep an eye out for new units being released in the future that will have some of these capabilities, as well as Rank Upgrades for units that may get them later on.

Air units are too all or nothing in the game.  Are their plans to fix this? 

Looking at how players are playing the game, it’s not quite every player that relies on strategy of relying on taking out all anti air units but we understand that it’s popular.  We hope players can discover other strategies to take to explore all the possibilities available to them with their squad in the game.  But yes, we will continue to monitor this and make the appropriate adjustments if needed.

The Joe side seems significantly weaker than Cobra?

This will always require some balance but both sides can be amazing at their own roles.  The Joe side does have less damage-per-second (dps) than Cobra, but they have more defense, health and survivability.  So try different strategies and you might see yourself winning more.  Check out and subscribe to MacDowin on YouTube as well, we have been admiring his videos a bit from afar and some helpful tips can be learned from them.

Why doesn’t Cobra Commander shoot on his own most of the time?

You have to command him to attack something, he will not do this on his own.  Give it a try, as you will see that he hits pretty hard if he’s not interrupted!

It seems like we don’t get very much information about bug fixes, gameplay balance and detailed patch notes.

This is something we are working on to improve.  With Brigby moving on to new opportunities and the current global WFH situation, we know that this is not up to the standard that we displayed at launch of the game.  While it may be difficult for us to respond to all threads, we do want to improve communication on the forums and to include more information in future release notes.  We do hope the monthly Q&A will help answer some of the topics being discussed on various threads that you have submitted to the Q&A.

We want to thank everyone that participated by submitting questions.  There were so many great questions that we are sorry that couldn’t find the time to answer them all but please keep them coming and we will do this again in May.  Thank you for playing and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Yo Joe!