Reward zero points for PVE nodes if not 100% complete

SnowcaTTSnowcaTT Posts: 3,336 Chairperson of the Boards

Game crashed on me today during the 3e (could have been any it seems) wave, during initial PVE clear.

Upon re-open I got 2/3 rewards and it appears 2/3 points. Replaying the node (for full points), the timer started: showing 1/4 cleared.

Please change this. I get you want to give rewards to players who succeed on 'part' of the node, but this 'partial credit' for timers is devastating for players who have no control over these crashes. I could have re-cleared the wave a third time (and it would have shown 2/4) and still been in the running for placement....but by the points not being reset it removes that option for me.

The change would be easy - reward zero points for nodes that are not 100% completed. The game is already rewarding zero clears (my clear timer is 1/4 despite 'clearing' it two times): have it follow that example for points.

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