Unique Motion Sprites

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One of the things I find most frustrating in this game is when something happens and I don't understand why. My mana or creatures seem to mysteriously disappear, or the opponent happens to spawn ten token creatures all of a sudden. I know many people complain about bugs in this game (and I know there are some), but I think many times I find myself mistaking a bug for a card action that I didn't notice.

So to help people better understand and realize a card mechanic that has gone off, I think there should be some more unique motion sprites. Right now, the only thing I notice is a little white glowing star trail that moves from a support to a creature or planeswalker. While this is helpful, I think it would be more beneficial if each of these effects looked different. Power-ups glow yellow, debuffs glow purple, food token change green, something that makes each effect seem more unique and noticeable.


  • Smokincookz
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    I agree with this on some points. Most of the animations are far too slow and ultimately unnecessary. I have found one card that buffed by quickly changing the creature’s P/T with no sprites at all. Unfortunately I cannot remember which card it is. 

    The most irking thing about using Jace UoS’ or Koth’s ultimate abilities has got to be the painfully slow animations, buffing one at a time... like molasses.

    For newer players, I agree that some color-coded or otherwise aesthetically varying sprites would be very useful. For us more experienced players, I know there are a LOT of us who would be overjoyed to be able to turn off all animations.
    These animations are literally wasting huge amounts of time in each match, and stop me from using certain cards because of it. 

    Not sure how it influences power consumption, but surely the animations aren’t helping. This game chews through battery exceptionally fast, and frame-rate suffers too much on low-power mode, even with a relatively capable tablet.
  • Asylamb
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    If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Changing one small thing will unearth a couple old bugs and spawn some new ones.
    If you don't understand what happened, just check Battle Log.