"Card of the Day" Event

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Ever since I started playing, I was questioning why there were two Training Grounds. I understand they are different, but it seems redundant nonetheless.

Instead of two training grounds, I was thought it would be helpful to have a "Card of the Day" event to replace one.

Essentially, this event would feature a common or uncommon card and have objectives related to that card's type, color, skill, etc. This would be a fun way to cause players to rebuild decks, help new players to increase their card list, and remind all players of some of the unique functions and play styles that the diverse card features offer.


  • Mburn7
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    There are two Training Grounds so that one can be Standard and one can be Legacy.

    For a new player it doesn't make much difference other than the extra currency, but for older players it is vital so that we can test out new decks regardless of the format they are in.

    I do like this idea, though.  Just not replacing a TG!