CotT: Bamfff vs. Baldy

qandols Posts: 1,156 Chairperson of the Boards

You know the drill: Deny purple at all costs and chase red. Hit with red and you've knocked baldy off his chair. LT was a 4* cover.


  • PuceMoose
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    The Good Professor got robbed in my match-up, as I started with a match-five in purple, and the cascades kept coming for me. My level 127 4/5/4 Nightcrawler cast purple on the third turn, which gave me enough red to cast red, and then it was just a matter of time before match damage took care of the rest.

    I'm holding on to the token for now, as I am trying to decide if I want to spend my CP/tokens to try and get more BRB covers (he's currently 1/2/0). I could open about 129 tokens with my current stock of CP, or I could wait until iHulk cycles in. Hmm...

  • DAZ0273
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    As Nightcrawler loves him some purple chasing it wasn't a chore but in the end neither of us got to use any and ol' baldy just got skewered.

    Get BRB PuceMoose, you won't regret it ,( well unless you get Sinister instead...,)

  • crakker
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    My 1/1/3 NC was having trouble until I used a Rank 3 Lockheed as support. Fired purple 3 times at the end to win. Got an iHulk red!