VIP list of Tier Bonuses from lvl 1 and Up

I would like to see what bonuses I may get upon reaching the different levels of VIP. Yes you can see your next reward (for instance hitting VIP 4 I will get a one time offer of 4000 orbs). Then it skips down though to VIP 16 and says (One Masterpiece Standard Card). I'd like to see a list here for each level and then also a list of the offers from the vault that people can get upon leveling like the 19.99 legacy pack bundle and so on. I think it's only fair and honest for people to see what they're investing in and what they can look forward to. It's good incentive to buy the next months if the rewards are desirable. Even if a player becomes disinterested in continuing their VIP package based on these rewards alone not being desirable, still it would be deceptive to hide this information from people just to make a buck off of someone's suspense.