JustJoeJustJoe Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
I must be among minority, cause this is my fiiirst ever comment here after years of boring grind from the stale 6-turn rounds in pve and random pvp, and Ive been thinking about things they could have improved in this game's 7 years-long-lasting journey...New game modes, slow down the dilution of releasing new (and same) characters and focus on new story content, make a market system where people could trade iso with Hp and vice-versa among eachother to bring in some player interaction, and the real, massively sought-after currency (besides the bundles) would be CP (sounds crazy and unreal I guess), but something fresh and creative would be nice. Other marvel games are 3-freakin-D and way more time-consuming to re-design,  and HELL even the pvp in here is AI controlled and its matching is a better freaking tragedy than Shakespeare had ever dreamt of.. MPQ has had a real potential, but in a long run, less and less people will be devoted staying in for so long as current veterans have due to impossible catch-ups. I would love the devs to convince me that I am wrong, but since people who have been playing way longer than me have received barely any responses, I guess I will be ignored as well.

Wish you all healthy and happy days and, hopefully, my frustration wont spread further, since there are still hopeful and entertained people ;) Sorry in advance if I annoyed anyone with this topic
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