R199 New Feature: Bonus Shard Forced Timer

IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,985 Site Admin
The game now tracks each of the pack pulls (of each type, so one counter each for 1x, 10x, 40x). It then starts up a counter that ramps up the odds of getting a Bonus Shard pull as the player pulls more of that type, which resets when a Bonus Shard is pulled. This ramping gets extreme around the time a totaled shard pull rate would be around 100%.

Ex: Heroic 1x pack has a ~2% chance of a 3-Star, ~1% chance of a 4-Star. The chance of a Bonus Shard goes up in the background as you pull. By about 34 pulls, the chance of any pull being a Bonus is close to 100% and will be forced if it doesn't happen soon after that. Once Bonus Shards have been procced, the timer reverts to zero.

For you math people out there, an easy way to think of this timer is as a logarithmic function but one with a cutoff that just pushes it to a set limit instead of approaching infinitely.